In a sign of possible chaos yet to come, Adbusters Magazine has called on the Occupy movement to reach a “tactical turning point,” referring specifically to protests against this weekend’s NATO summit in Chicago.

Adbusters has been behind Occupy since the movement’s onset. The radical publication is reported to have come up with the Occupy Wall Street idea after Arab Spring protests toppled governments in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia.

The Adbusters website serves as a central hub for Occupy’s planning. Adbusters is funded by the George Soros-financed Tides Center.

In a piece published May 10, titled “Tactical Turning Point,” Adbusters explained how Occupy must ramp up its tactics to catch law enforcement off guard.

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Stated the article: “Last May 15, a hundred thousand indignados in Spain seized the squares across their nation, held people’s assemblies and catalyzed a global tactical shift that birthed Occupy Wall Street four months later. Our movement outflanked governments everywhere with a thousand encampments in large part because no one was prepared for Occupy’s magic combination of Spain’s transparent consensus-based acampadas with the Tahrir-model of indefinite occupation of symbolic space.

“Now exactly a year later, a big question mark hangs over our movement because it is clear that the same tactics may never work again.”

The magazine claims that “across the world, authorities are using ‘lawfare’ to piecemeal outlaw any tactic that we used last year.”

“The power of Occupy,” continues the piece, “lies in its ability to harness the collective intelligence of our leaderless movement to tactically innovate. We move at viral speed – always one step ahead.”

The article calls on protesters to deploy a nonspecific tactical change and to step up their game “with an eye towards our Camp David inspired May 18 #LAUGHRIOT and the global convergence on Chicago to confront NATO.”

The NATO summit begins Friday, with main events taking place Sunday.

Chicago police are reportedly planning to deploy at least 14,000 officers, some outfitted with new riot gear, including a “sound cannon,” if demonstrators get out of line.

Some have pointed to the 1999 World Trade Organization riots in Seattle that devolved into violence as a model for what could transpire in Chicago.

The Ruckus Society, funded by the Soros-backed Tides Center, has been providing direct-action training to Occupy protesters as well as official training resources, including manuals, to Occupy training groups ahead of the NATO summits. Ruckus was behind the 1999 WTO riots.

Soros himself predicted in an interview in January that protests will turn violent.

Communists storm Obama headquarters

In a sign of what is yet to come, a protest group on Monday already stormed President Obama’s Chicago campaign headquarters, with at least 10 demonstrators arrested.

Obama also has ties to several other activists plotting chaos in Chicago this week in the lead-up to the NATO summit.

On Monday, dozens of protesters slipped past security guards and ran up escalators at the Obama Chicago campaign headquarters to kick off what they called a “Week Without Capitalism,” reported the Chicago Tribune.

Eight protesters, cheered by other demonstrators, reportedly were led out in handcuffs after they refused to clear the lobby.

The protest reportedly was organized by the Catholic Worker Movement, or CWM, founded by the late radical Dorothy Day, a journalist who wrote for Marxist newspapers.

CWM protests capitalism as an economic system that is “far from God’s justice” and calls for “a withdrawal from the capitalist system so far as each one is able to do so.”

CWM calls for the nonviolent destruction of capitalist society to rebuild a socialist utopia.

Discover The Networks notes that CWM recommends “a complete rejection of the present social order”; “a withdrawal from the capitalist system so far as each one is able to do so”; and “a non-violent revolution to establish an order more in accord with Christian values.”

Such measures are to be used, according to CWM, to create a “new society within the shell of the old” – “a cooperative social order” of “communitarianism” without “extremes of wealth and poverty.”

In February, Obama used the annual National Prayer Breakfast to uphold Day as a “great” reformer.

Declared Obama: “Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln, Jane Addams, Martin Luther King, Jr., Dorothy Day, Abraham Heschel – the majority of great reformers in American history did their work not just because it was sound policy, or they had done good analysis, or understood how to exercise good politics, but because their faith and their values dictated it, and called for bold action – sometimes in the face of indifference, sometimes in the face of resistance.”

Day is known for her motto “The greatest challenge of the day is: how to bring about a revolution of the heart, a revolution which has to start with each one of us?”

Homes to be abandoned before NATO summit?

In a sign of what may be coming this week, residents of a Chicago condo building located near the site of the NATO summit have been asked to be away during the event or risk being caught in a storm of rioters.

WND was first to report last August that radicals, some with ties to President Obama, were planning to riot during the NATO summit.

Chicago Fox affiliate WFLD-TV reported the people living in the 17-floor Library Tower building at 520 South State Street were warned in a letter from condo management that “we are STRONGLY recommending that all residents find places to stay during the conference from May 18 through May 21.”

“In the event of a riot or the potential of one near the building, all access doors will be locked including the garage door,” the letter said. “For everyone’s safety, we will be instructing anyone in the building to stay in his or her unit.”

While NATO summits often attract thousands of protesters, the national Occupy movement may add even more chaos to the expected mass protests.

Chicago will be the first American city other than Washington to host a NATO gathering.

Such meetings have drawn mass protests that turned violent.

The 1999 World Trade Organization event in Seattle devolved into widespread rioting in which more than 40,000 protesters, some using violent tactics, descended on the city, prompting police to use tear gas and rubber bullets. The clash became known as “The Battle of Seattle.”

Preparing for outbreaks, the Chicago Sun-Times in July 2011 quoted Superintendent of Police Garry McCarthy as saying he was prepping 13,000 officers under his command for mass arrests of protesters.

“We have to train for mass arrests,” McCarthy said. “We have to train 13,000 police officers in arrest procedures and containment procedures. At the same time, we will not stop patrolling the city.”

Obama linked to NATO protest leaders

In response to the police call-up in July 2011, radical groups held a press conference that month in downtown Chicago demanding permits to march during the world summit in May.

Joe Iosbaker of the United National Antiwar Committee, one of the groups planning protests, warned, “The wars and economic policies of the NATO and G8 nations are not just and will be met by protest.”

Iosbaker is a University of Illinois-Chicago office worker and a union steward for his SEIU local. His home was raided by the FBI last September, reportedly as part of a terror probe investigating material support for jihadist groups.

Obama has ties to many of the activist groups being investigated in that FBI probe.

WND reported Iosbaker and his wife, Stephanie Weiner, worked as leaders of the Chicago New Party, a controversial 1990s political party that sought to elect members to public office with the aim of moving the Democratic Party far leftward. The ultimate goal was to form a new political party with a socialist agenda.

WND previously reported on evidence from the New Party’s own newsletters indicating Obama was a member of the New Party.

Another group at that press conference planning to protest at the May summits is Code Pink.

Code Pink’s co-founder, Jodie Evans, was a fundraiser and financial bundler for Obama’s presidential campaign.

Also planning protests is Tom Burke of the so-called Committee to Stop FBI Repression, which has been leading activism against the FBI’s reported ongoing terror probes of Chicago and Minnesota anti-war groups.

Burke, a former school custodian who is now a stay-at-home father, belongs to the Freedom Road Socialist Organization, a group mentioned in subpoenas and search warrants issued in the same FBI terror probe.

WND reported on Obama’s other ties to the activist groups at the heart of the FBI terror probe, including Hatem Abudayyeh, the executive director of the Arab American Action Network, or AAAN.

WND was first to report that Obama, while serving as a paid director of the far-left nonprofit Chicago Woods Fund, provided two grants to the AAAN.

Obama served at the Woods Fund alongside Weather Underground terrorist-group founder Bill Ayers.

AAAN was founded by a longtime Obama associate, Columbia University Professor Rashid Khalidi. Khalidi’s wife, Mona, is president of the Arab American Action Network.

With research by Brenda J. Elliott

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