(THE BLAZE) The New Black Panther party Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz has taken to a new form of election rhetoric building up to the Presidential race of 2012.  Besides mentioning that his group will be playing ‘a great role’ in the election, Shabazz went into detail on how Obama will win a second term and the violent things will happen after at the hands of ‘gun-toting‘ ’George Zimmermans‘ who ’don’t believe that they should be ruled over by black people.’

Key Shabazz Quotes:

Yes, the white man has made us into n****ers, yes, he treats us unfairly, yes, he’s robbed us of a knowledge of self.  But I’m here to tell you that the white man cannot stop us in this hour.”

“Even that black man that is on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue– he represents a sign that a black man can accomplish what he will.”

The white man of America does not have one leader that they can put up against Barack Obama.  They have not one white man in America that they can get a majority of Americans to agree with, that is more qualified than this black man.  They cannot get one white man to surpass him– and that is a heavy blow to the white ego.”

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