You should do an investigation into the forced use of the smart meter being foisted on consumers.

I recently was contacted by MSN (Microsoft) about putting a smart meter on my home, which I refused. They have contacted me twice about this. I also noticed a charge on my electric bill for a smart meter, which I do not have. After making inquiries to the Pennsylvania PUC and contacting my state representative, I found that this came from the Obama administration and Rendell administration in Pennsylvania.

I have been informed that these smart meters will give control of all electronic equipment to the power company. They will monitor each person’s power usage as well as each appliance in your home. If they (the power company) decides that an appliance is using to much power they will have the ability with the MSN software to shut that appliance down. They also will be able to shut off all power to your residence at their discretion.

I believe that those in the White House have planned this because of the EPA’s plan to shut down coal-fired power plants; they know that wind and solar cannot replace them. In other words, with fewer coal-fired power plants it equates to less energy being produced, hence, the need for rolling blackouts, especially during peak usage hours.

For those who have medical issues such as being on 24-hour oxygen and must be in air-conditioned environments during the heat of summer shutting off their power or air-conditioning may be a death sentence. But then I guess that is what Obama and his administration want. Less sick people on his unconstitutional Obamacare.

John Watson

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