(Breitbart.com)The Democrat Media Complex (DMC), desperate to divert attention from Obama’s weak economy, has spent the last week obsessing over GOP presidential nominee-to-be Mitt Romney’s high school days.

Like other recent Democrat efforts at distraction – Sandra Fluke’s inability to get her male partner to kick in for the $9/month birth control; Mitt Romney’s dog — the 5,400 words from the Washington Post on Romney’s high school pranks almost 50 years ago have backfired miserably. Turns out Romney was a typical teen, and the Post really is a joke. But the DMC’s pimping of Haircutgate has also prompted conservatives to reread Obama’s first memoir, Dreams from My Father, with an eye for vetting him as thoroughly as the amateur historians at the Post.

Romney’s mid-1960s high school years are in play? How about Obama’s college years? How about the time Barack Obama so destroyed his college dormitory that it brought his Latino maids to tears! What—you have never heard that reported by the DMC?

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