I dropped my TV service a month or two before I found WND, and columnist Ann Coulter is part of the reason why. I would like to share with you the letter I just wrote Miss Coulter, just to let you know.

Hello Miss Coulter:

Fox News was the last straw for me. They let us Americans down, and I dropped my TV service before I found WND for real news. After Obama got elected, I started figuring out who people are in politics, but I always knew the two-party system is responsible for forcing Americans left. Then, after becoming a fan of yours, you started supporting party hacks, so I am no longer a fan. I can’t read any of your columns, just like I can’t watch the news on TV, because you lost all credibility with me. Chris Christie and Mitt Romney? Go take a hike, Coulter, because Reagan even took us left as redistributive trade agreements started under his watch.

One of us do not belong at WND. I turned you off with Fox, and I will turn off WND just as fast with people like you on board. For example, if you do not have the guts to adopt the eligibility issue like WND and take it to TV as often as possible (your chance to redeem yourself to real Americans) – get lost! I am tired of party hacks wasting my life.

Doug Johns

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