As the coverage of Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng grows as a result of his ardent opposition to China’s forced abortion and sterilization policies, you need to meet Jim Garrow.

Jim is a 2009 Nobel Peace Prize nominee and founder of Pink Pagoda, a formerly secret organization saving girls from certain death under China’s one-child policy.

The Canadian businessman’s life was changed when he took the time to comfort a Chinese employee who was devastated that her sister would have to allow her new baby girl to be murdered. Garrow intervened and found a new home for the little girl.

That story attracted more cases of baby girls in need of rescue because their fathers were inclined to kill them and try for a son.  It’s all a result of China’s one-child policy and a society that greatly favors males.

“The husband has the right to decide whether they keep or not keep a baby,” Garrow told WND. “And with the one-child policy, you’re stuck with what you’ve got unless you do in the child and try for a son, which culturally is what they want to have.”

Garrow explains why he couldn’t allow one baby to die if he could do something to stop it, how one case turned into finding new homes for 44,000 other baby girls and what the Chinese government thinks of his illegal activities.

“They’re very stoic and fatalistic in their view but it is cultural suicide in the end,” Garrow said.

Garrow also addresses China’s looming generational disaster as tens of millions of Chinese girls were never allowed to live.

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