A new and powerful way to express the pro-life message is surging through churches with a program that helps pastors convince their congregations to vote their convictions.

That’s according to Ray Comfort, whose DVD “180,” which accompanies his new book “Hitler, God, and the Bible,” takes direct aim at the rationalization and accommodation that sometimes appears even in Christian churches regarding the issue of abortion.

Comfort reports that several of the largest churches in America are equipping their members to stand up for life by presenting the award-winning “180,” sometimes even taking over the Sunday morning worship for the message.

Comfort’s video uses a simple line of questioning to help eight pro-abortion individuals change their minds and become pro-life, sometimes literally in seconds.

Apologist Greg Koukl has called the effort “the Colombo Tactic at its finest.”

The churches are joining in the distribution of the video, which already has been viewed an estimated 4 million times.

Some have had Comfort attend and follow the video with an explanation of how church members best can advance the cause of life.

“It’s a great way for pastors to get their people to stand up for life – and to vote according to those convictions – because the video does all the work of changing minds about abortion,” said Comfort.

Several million of the video views have been on YouTube, a remarkable result considering the video is 33 minutes. The video also has been distributed free on college campuses and sold via DVD.

Comfort’s ministry, Living Waters, reports that the video has helped to change countless minds about the abortion issue, has saved the lives of several unborn children and has even helped to save souls through its gospel presentation.

He said a special website has been prepared that offers pastors and churches help in presenting the message, called Heartchanger.com.

Also being offered is the “180 Course: Changing the Heart of a Nation,” a two-part video series produced in conjunction with Kay Arthur and Randy Alcorn. The “180 Course” equips believers to talk to the lost not just about abortion but also about God.

See the trailer for the “180” video project:

Comfort noted that when the video was released, it got its first million views in just 22 days.

The message of “180” is that while many Americans no longer understand fully the evil of Adolf Hitler, they do condemn him when they understand the facts. Likewise, when they are introduced to the realities of abortion, they also condemn the procedure.

The film shows many young people don’t “have a clue as to the identity of Adolf Hitler.”

It goes on to liken the deaths of some 50 million Americans through abortion since the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision to the horrific deaths of 11 million under Hitler’s leadership in World War II.

“The movie is unique in that it shows eight people who are adamantly pro-abortion, changing their minds and becoming pro-life – in a matter of seconds, simply because they were asked one question,” Comfort said.

The movie came about because of the book project. In his interviews with university students, he discovered that many were unaware of Hitler’s evil rule.

He explained that when he started asking them specific questions, he was able to convince them to take another view of abortion. He asked if the students, at the point of a Nazi gun, would use a bulldozer to shovel Jews into a burial pit even if they were alive.

Most said they would refuse.

He then asked correlating questions about abortion: Did they think it’s a baby in the womb, and just when is it all right to kill that baby.

The result was the sensational 30-minute documentary, “180”

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