[To Joseph Farah:] Your column enumerating the 10 reasons why the question of BHO’s eligibility is not being pursued was right on point. Having met you a few times, at CPAC, I cannot begin to tell you what a vital service I think you are providing by doing your best to keep this topic in the public’s consciousness.

Your reason No. 7 is the most valid of the 10, mainly because of Marco Rubio. I think a lot of folks on the “Republican” side of the aisle are really, really Jonesing to have Rubio at least on the ticket this year as the VP. He is not any more eligible, in my opinion, than BHO, although I think he is eminently more qualified.

Thank you very, very much for doing what you are doing. You help me maintain hope that the course of this country can be put right.

Gene Lentz

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