Michael Savage

“What is the difference between Bernie Madoff and Mark Zuckerberg?”

That was Michael Savage’s provocative question at the start of the week when – as he’d predicted – Facebook’s stock tumbled shortly after the company’s highly touted IPO (FREE audio).

Callers phoned in to disagree with Savage’s premise that Facebook is a Ponzi scheme, little different than those run by disgraced financier Madoff.

“Yes, millions of people use Facebook,” the radio host acknowledged. “But how can you tell me that it’s worth $100 billion? Does Facebook’s business model really make it more valuable than Boeing and General Motors?”

Savage also blasted Sarah Palin for endorsing the re-election of longtime Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah.

“I told you she was a faker,” Savage said. “Do you believe a word the woman says?” (FREE audio).

Rush Limbaugh

What if they organized a demonstration, and nobody came? The once-powerful National Organization for Women could only attract seven protesters to picket the Washington, D.C., radio station that broadcasts Rush Limbaugh’s program.

NOW is still infuriated by Limbaugh’s comments about grad student Sandra Fluke, who’d petitioned Congress for free birth control for coeds. Unfortunately for the feminist organization, everyone else in the country has moved on from that “controversy.” NOW should have cancelled the puny protest rather than humiliate themselves with that public display of their own powerlessness.

Sean Hannity

As a switch from his usual Beltway guests, Hannity welcomed magician, libertarian and author Penn Jillette to discuss the legalization of marijuana. Penn – whose podcast rant about what he calls Obama’s “hypocrisy” on the issue went viral this week – told Sean that “people are doing five years in prison” for possession while Obama joked about “doing reefer” in his autobiography.

Hannity also spoke to Hunter Rogers, the young man whose confrontation with a fanatical pro-Obama teacher made national news, thanks in part to Hannity’s efforts to publicize this clear violation of Rogers’ First Amendment rights (FREE audio).

Aaron Klein

This week, Aaron Klein had an exclusive interview with a Chicago Occupy spokesperson whose apartment was raided in a terror bust during the NATO summit.

Zoe Sigman claimed the Chicago police had “trumped up” their claims of having discovered explosive making ingredients in her residence while she was out. However, she sounded evasive and contradictory about other aspects of the situation, like her own position in the Occupy movement and the identity of the protestors camping out in her apartment.

Klein also updated listeners on evidence about Obama’s real birthplace and included an update on a Palestinian who may be executed for the “crime” of selling property to Jews (FREE audio).

Mark Levin

Conservatives who are surprised by Sarah Palin’s endorsement of Sen. Orrin Hatch will be equally shocked that Hatch’s vocal supporters include Mark Levin. On the air this week, Levin reminded listeners that the senator had defended both Clarence Thomas and Robert Bork when doing so was decidedly unpopular (FREE audio).

Levin also delivered an epic monologue on the “broken” two party system, slamming Democrats and Republicans for their corruption, incompetence and ignorance of the Constitution (FREE audio).

Laura Ingraham

Dog owners will appreciate Ingraham’s segment with dog trainer Brian Kilcommons, who took calls from listeners seeking solutions to their pet related problems and offered professional advice.

Also this week, Ingraham welcomed Rich Lowry of the National Review, Cardinal Weurl (who discussed the administration’s attack on religious liberty) and former GOP chair Michael Steele, who wondered if the NAACP was still relevant (FREE audio).

Glenn Beck

Beck moved his headquarters from New York City to Dallas, Texas, earlier this year, claiming it was a more welcoming venue for his work. In this video, he shows off his new studio, complete with a recreation of the White House Oval Office (which was originally created for the movie “JFK”) (FREE video).

And now, from the left side of the dial …

Mark Levin’s been called some crazy names by angry progressives over the years, but this has to be a first: Randi Rhodes (herself not always the picture of sobriety) accused Levin of being a “pothead” (FREE audio).

“You think that he could live in his bedroom the way he does,” she mused aloud, “and never leave the house and he’s not a pothead? Are you kidding me, he’s not a stoner? Right!”

Noting that Rhodes continued in this vein for a few more moments, Radio Equalizer blogger Brian Maloney then wondered: “Why did Randi connect Levin to drugs? It truly appears random here, coming just after (obviously frustrating) news that Trayvon Martin had substances in his bloodstream at time of death. The Smear-O-Matic took over from there. … What a deranged movement.”


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