Dear Joseph,

You really p— me off when you seemingly are being critical of Mitt Romney. The following is what I just read in the WND email I just received: “Left to the devices of the Republican Party and its nominee, Barack Obama is a shoo-in for re-election, says Joseph Farah, editor and founder of WND”.

Your negative comments don’t help our chances to defeat Obama, but I get the feeling you don’t care about anything but lining you own pockets. Mitt Romney is the only person that campaigned for the Republican nomination that has a chance to beat Obama. Any one of the four others, Newt and Rick and Rick and Ron would have been a disaster running against Obama. I certainly agree with your position on eligibility, but I get sick of the negative comments about Mitt Romney.

If you can’t do any better please take me off your mailing list.

Jack W. Poole

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