Don’t you ever get sick to your stomach of all the innuendos you propagate that Obama was alleged or rumored or perhaps was: a student at Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard, a professor at the University of Chicago, a street organizer, a member of the Illinois State Legislature and a United States senator?

All of this is a matter of public record. The fact is you don’t like him. To you he is some alien from another planet who just suddenly appeared and became president of the USA.

He is black and has a strange name. The fact that he became a Christian, that his wife is a Christian and that his two daughters are baptized in the Christian faith does not even register with you. And the fact that he is black drives you crazy. In your distorted world, how could a black man in a white man’s world ever get elected president? You can’t believe it! So you spend your time conjecturing and making up scenarios to try to make him disappear.

The fact that you disagree with many of his policies is a legitimate position. So argue and discuss the issues. Don’t spend your time dragging our country into the dirty slimy suppositions and maybes that do you, our country and the human race a great disservice.

Mr. Farah, the God you apparently worship is not the God that Jesus revealed. The key word in Christian theology is LOVE, which is something you seemed to have lost somewhere along life’s journey. I pray you find it again and return to the fold of a loving God who loves both you and me and the whole human race. When that happens you and I can take our rightful place as brothers in the Kingdom of God where we may disagree with one another, but we treat each other as brothers.

Inman Moore

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