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Strategy to save economy by working together

One of the premier organizations in America that advocates “made in USA” is none other than the appropriately named Made in USA Foundation, and you can find out all about the group at www.MadeUSAfdn.org.

Joel Joseph, chairman of the Made in USA Foundation, has worked for many years in the “Buy American” industry and has a long list of achievements that have bettered U.S. manufacturing and the U.S. economy as a whole.

For example, the Made in USA Foundation was instrumental in the development and passage of the American Automobile Labeling Act, which required all new cars and trucks to display on the window of the vehicle where it was assembled, the percentage of U.S. and imported content, and where the engine and transmission were made.

The Made in USA Foundation also worked tirelessly for many years on passage of the Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) legislation, which requires grocery stores to display country of origin information on fresh produce, meat, chicken, and fish. COOL also requires labeling that informs the consumer if fish is farmed or wild caught.

Consumer patriots would do well to visit the foundation’s store locator section of the website to find suppliers near you.

A strong economy doesn’t create itself through invisible hand, free-market policies, of course. There has to be an intelligent and organized strategy to create demand for products made in the U.S., crafted by American consumers, workers, and artisans across all industries.

Without strong demand for American-made goods, jobs will continue to move abroad to other nations with lower human rights standards and less quality and safety oversight. Without a strong jobs strategy, every time our economy stumbles, it will be that much more difficult to regain our national footing.

The Made in USA Foundation, which is dedicated to promoting American-made products, invites you to create demand through your actions, both as a consumer and as a proactive American citizen.

They also invite you to become a member of their foundation if you support their mission to both create and restore good-paying jobs in the USA along with a sustainable, environmentally sound, and healthy economy.

Whether you’re the owner of a business, involved with your local union, or an interested patriotic consumer, there are various one-year and annual memberships to consider.

You can even monitor the annual “Made in USA Awards” ceremony in California that honors superior American manufacturers for their commitment to making their products in the USA, which gives all patriotic consumers a good idea of which companies are paying attention to patriotism as well as profit.

The Made in USA Foundation also offers monthly publications on their website that keep concerned Americans engaged with current events as they relate to the “Made in USA” issue.

Joseph has written many books about American-made products and American manufacturing, which are available on the foundation’s website as well.

So if you support American-made products and American manufacturing at just about any level, you’ll want to find out more about the Made in USA Foundation, which has worked to support important legislation and information that has made the American economy much stronger than it otherwise would have been.