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The Bible and brainwashing

Sorry, but as a research scientist and ethical lacto-vegan, I can say that your ignorance of science and clinging to ideological dogma is no reason for me to stop educating others about the problem of human overpopulation [“School kids think we’re better off dead”]. It’s not about eliminating the human species. It’s about conforming to the laws of nature and acting consciously and thoughtfully to maintain sustainability in a finite ecosystem on our only planetary home, the Earth.

You don’t want kids to learn science so they can make informed choices about their behavior. You call science “brainwashing.” Why is it not “brainwashing” when kids are continually exposed to only one way of looking at the world – through the lens of religion – for years before they develop the capacity to reason?

If children were not allowed to read a Bible (or a Quran or a Torah) until they were 18 years of age, they would laugh their heads off at the silliness and scoff in indignation that we’re supposed to use 2,000-year-old “just so” stories from mostly illiterate, misogynist, itinerant shepherds as our guiding documents for understanding the world. And rightly so. Have you ever asked yourself why you gladly live in a world made possible by science, yet attribute all of human action and development to the whims and actions of an invisible, unapproachable and ultimately unknowable force called a “god”? Doesn’t that thinking sound stupid when exposed? And, what would it take for you to question your beliefs? If you cannot question them or ever entertain the possibility of rejecting them, then aren’t you trapped in a cult (the definition of a “cult” being a group you can never leave)?

Just wondering.

Jennifer Christiano