As things on the political landscape come to a purulent head, it appears to have become my lot in life to aid in enumerating the various radical organizations operating under the umbrella of the Obama administration and its more powerful supporters. One that has received attention over the last week or so is, a radical group involved in keeping a healthy stream of anti-capitalist, racist and Marxist doctrine flowing into the black community. Here, I’m sure the incorporation of the word “change” into the organization’s name hasn’t escaped the reader’s notice. This group was founded by communist community organizers James Rucker and Van Jones, and is partially funded by billionaire financier and former Nazi collaborator George Soros., is the clean, new face of young, black communists. It essentially takes up the radical mantle of any issue that relates to black Americans and engages in a mixture of lobbying, thuggery, corporate blackmail and extortion in order to manipulate corporations and political groups. One might say it’s like a race card factory, using organizations’ fear of being labeled as racist and/or boycotted to force subordination to ColorOfChange’s agenda.

Since it is captained and funded by Obama cronies, obviously the group is of a kindred ideology to our obscenity of a president, but neither he nor anyone else in an official capacity (except perhaps Rep. Allen West) would ever admit to there being any connection. This would certainly include the establishment press, who would likely call the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests the work of “far-right extremists” were they held today.

Recently, The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) found itself in ColorOfChange’s crosshairs. ALEC is a non-partisan (but conservative-leaning) business advocacy group and think tank that works on drafting model legislation, and many major corporations have been among its members. So, what’s the beef? ALEC advocated “stand your ground” and voter-ID laws, which has riled far left and militant black groups.

In their mission to intimidate corporations into leaving ALEC, purveys the most blatant lies it can come up with to engender fear and loathing amongst black Americans (particularly young and educated ones who are more likely to vote) with regard to the policies ALEC allegedly promotes. Supporting voter identification laws, for example, translates into “suppressing the black vote.” Support for “stand your ground” laws and ordinances is tantamount to granting hunting licenses for black people to whites.

Since their constituency has been conditioned against critical thinking and believes that is trustworthy, of course they react with outrage, flooding cyberspace, emails, phone lines and snail mail boxes with threats of boycotts and the like. As a result, some corporations have capitulated.

As several conservative commentators advised their readers, listeners and followers in cyberspace, the remedy to this sort of thuggery is responding in kind, lobbying the same corporations being threatened into refusing to bow to

Time will tell how great an effect this has on ameliorating the damage done by, but I thought that instead of simply bringing this to light, I might also highlight some of the things that are being done toward organizing conscientious voters who happen to be on our side of these issues. I’ve had conversations with people recently wherein I found it necessary to remind them that those embracing conservative values are indeed in the majority, and that the left has a great deal of experience in making itself appear stronger and more relevant than it is; this is easier considering the fact that the establishment press is in their pocket. is the brainchild of former Marine Sgt. Felix Quintana, who served for six years and was part of the first forces to enter Iraq in 2003. A recipient of the Purple Heart, Quintana was born in Honduras and raised in Venezuela until the age of 13, when he came to the U.S. He joined the Marine Corps as a legal resident at the age of 20 in 1999.

Quintana’s mission is to “unite 1 million Americans under one banner as the visible outward expression of the voting majority who will rise up on election day, Nov. 6, 2012, to execute our voting right in defense of our Constitution and Republic as a declaration that the will and power of the American people are still very much alive.” In plain terms, this means a movement to defeat elected officials who have made a mockery of the Constitution.

A tall order, but then the left has been rather ambitious itself.

In concert with this effort, Quintana also spearheads the Vets4Votes initiative, which plans to enroll veterans, their families and citizens in all 50 states to hold get-out-the-vote tours in their communities.

I mention this because like most of the naturalized Americans I’ve encountered, folks like Sgt. Quintana are far more aware of and attuned to the machinations of socialists than those who are so inured to propaganda and comfort that they won’t see the proverbial blade falling until it is a micrometer from their neck.

The aforementioned astute Americans are often much quicker and more willing to come to our nation’s aid, and from them we can take important cues, as well as valuable lessons.

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