Congratulations to WND on its 15th anniversary. I like to think of WND as an intrepid team of reporters and columnists who pry the cork off vital news and information bottled up or ignored by the biased MSM.

WND deserves a Pulitzer for the Forgery-gate series, which makes the 1972 Watergate burglary and subsequent cover-up by the Nixon White House look like a jaywalking infraction.

WND’s unblinking coverage of TSA thievery, molestation and abuse of power suggests that Obama’s favorite item of apparel is a pair of blue rubber gloves. Chief executive Barack Hussein Obama, sinister and unapologetic, is ultimately responsible for the thefts and the thousands of molestations, humiliations and assaults committed by his TSA goons.

If WND did not exist, how many Americans would know Barack Obama is a disciple of communist agent provocateur Saul Alinsky, or that Obama is closely tied to bomber Bill Ayers, co-founder of the Weather Underground, which contemplated the liquidation of 25 million Americans?

And, thankfully, WND has not adopted the hypocrisy and censorship of popular conservative talk-radio hosts who condemn the mainstream media as blatantly biased, but then follow media’s shameful example in shunning the Obama pedigree issue and ignoring Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul.

Truth is where you find it. I’m staying glued to WND.

Ann B.

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