Note: Much of the unique syntax and grammar were left in this letter as originally written.

I am surprised I have seen first time such website full of anti-Islamic material. You must be doing good for your religion. Let me guess… hmmm … you must be a Jew, right?

Let me tell you something – Islam is not against any religions. But as you know this is written thousands of years ago that all Jews have to be killed once for all from the earth.

And in fact this is written in our holy books, that Jews will occupy our sacred points and then a great war will come to Jews and each and every Jew will be killed by Muslims. Yes … thats true. :) That’s what is written in our books. So we are not worried about what you are doing, because this had to happen. You are doing what you had to do. :)

Israel and U.S. will occupy in Palestine and then will imposed war to Pakistan and Iran. And most important is that the great Islamic Army will rise from current Afghanistan and Pakistan. :)

So, you people must know this. You have come to Afghanistan, but what about Pakistan? :) Oops – you can’t do mistake by fighting with a nuclear state, don’t you?

So, wait a little, maybe 10 years, maybe 20, but not too long. :)

Be prepared!

Islamic Army is commmmming. :))))

Inshallah Islam will rise again on top of the world, and when we will clear this sacred world and will wash it with the blood of bloody Jews.

Take care of yourself. :)

Salaman Ahmed

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