Listening to the teacher’s diatribe on YouTube [“Glimpes inside public school classroom”], it was easy to see that intelligent people are allowing their emotions to cloud their judgment in this election, rather than focusing on issues.

This election is about the government’s incursion on First Amendment rights, particularly freedom of religion and speech. It’s about sidestepping Congress and using mandates to rule instead of following the will of the people. It involves using strong-arm tactics on the Supreme Court and trying to expand executive power in the name of expediency. It’s about violating personal privacy and HIPAA with Obamacare, which will demand that Americans be implanted with RFID chips. Such chips are easily scanned, allowing medical identity theft, and, according to the FDA, carry risks of cancerous tumors, lesions and sores.

This election is also about a president who remains unduly secretive about simple things in his past, who is allowing factions within America to tear her apart on the basis of race, religion and class, rather than focusing on building her up and keeping her status as the greatest country in the world. It’s about a man who is more concerned about pleasing the U.N. than bringing in jobs by reducing the capital gains tax and making America attractive to companies with tax breaks, so that they stay and people find real work and careers, not minimum-wage jobs.

President Obama seems to want to turn my home into a socialist police state; everyone knows that socialism is a failed experiment. People are losing jobs, homes and freedoms, and it seems like Obama is always on vacation or prepping for his next interview. Wise up. Rise up. Vote!

Kelly Stuard-Will

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