My last sour grapes thought on “the election”: Romney and Obama seem so close in many positions that the main difference is in the speed at which we reach a societal change from a Christian worldview and free market to a secular/godless worldview and communism.

Romney has supported gay marriage. It will destroy the traditional family. Romney is in favor of undermining the very social foundation that makes a country strong. Atheists, homosexuals and communists have worked for years to undermine faith, family and our founding documents. How can a Christian with a good conscience vote for a president that ultimately will lead to our demise as a free people?

Obama has attacked our values and mocked our beliefs, stirred up class envy and racial division. He has made businesses afraid to invest and our economy more vulnerable. He has sowed discontent around the world and encouraged protests. He has decreed an openly gay military. He wants to give up our missile superiority. He has stopped drilling for oil in the gulf and discouraged it elsewhere. He has been called a radical communist, and I believe it is true.

So, on the road to perdition to cast your vote, what’s your choice – Titanic or Flight 800?

Tom Kyser

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