I just want to commend you on all your stories and articles about Obama being such a liar.

I believe every one of them. (He’s not a Christian; he’s Muslim.) You are the man! I’m grateful for all you’ve done and are doing to bring to light the facts and the truth about this fraud.

I’m still at a loss to understand why the majority of Americans voted for him in the first place – especially since he told us publicly he was for abortion, gay rights, bringing down the coal industry and numerous other ridiculous policies he was going to put in place. They still voted for him.

Please keep up your investigations and bring us the truth, and also the fake birth certificate. Why is he even being allowed to run? He’s not eligible. He’s a liar and a fake.

Unbelievable! He must be defeated in November, or we’re a socialist, Third-World country. God help us!!

Betty B. Stafford

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