Given “there’s no constitutional authority for Congress to force any American to enter into a contract to buy any good or service,” the influential thinker and author Walter E. Williams declared that if Obamacare is ruled constitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court, the states should nullify that federal law.

Williams is spot on. Let’s face the cold and bitter reality of our present peril. We the People are now threatened – life, limb and liberty – by a rogue, out-of-control federal government. Like hungry sharks in a feeding frenzy, they’re devouring our nation’s future and dismembering Lady Liberty. That’s why throngs of anxious and outraged Americans are swarming to courageous anti-establishment news and opinion media outlets like WND.

If the courts fail to protect us from the ravaging beast, we have the states to take up the cause. If the states fail us, God help us to save freedom and liberty for our posterity.

J. Davies

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