Your story, “Kids raped, sodomized on Facebook pages,” is indicative of sickening news about which we all should be – and are – heartbroken and angry.

However, be very careful as you write these articles. It is my concern that this one – while well-written – is too descriptive and will entice more than repel.

As you enter the fray on this vile subject, be sure to spend time in prayer, armoring your soul to stand firm and not be drawn into this terrible stuff. Many are the carcasses or well-meaning Christians who have thought they could scale this wall without harm.

From within and without, you may experience attack like never before, as those perpetrators vilify you for exposing them.

The declining culture in the U.S. and abroad is bent on making behaviors such as these legal and “normal” – when instead, full forces of police should be knocking down the doors of each Facebook user who participates in this heinous activity.

I stand with you, but I must caution you as you dare to drain this cesspool.

May God protect you all.


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