I have always read WND articles and shared them with people for years. However, after reading the recent article you posted about blacks attacking whites, I am finished with your publication [“Waves of black mobs brutalizing whites”].

First of all, whites attack and tease blacks all the time, especially as teens. I received horrible treatment at times. I’ve grown up with it. I still have many white friends and just look at certain people within a group as lacking the love of Christ and common sense. That is how it would be in this instance. Yes, some foolish few are committing crimes. They’ll go to jail for those crimes; trust me. I’ve yet to see or hear anywhere about a black person, other than celebrities with large sums of money, committing crimes and getting off Scot-free without justice.

I find it was a hate-mongering article. Do you really seriously think that blacks are going around committing crimes and not being prosecuted? That is what led to the anger with the Trayvon case, the fact that there was no trial, initially. No, in every circumstance in which a black attacks a white or any other ethnicity, you can rest assured that they’ll be disciplined/arrested and tried. However, read the comments in your article. It was meant to incite hate for blacks, and sadly, many of your so-called “Christian” followers jumped right in and quickly too. Hardly one said these are a select few.

There are around 39,000,000 black people in this country. Are we or even most of us going around trying to lynch or kill whites? NO! Of course not. Many made hateful comments about blacks entirely and encouraged retaliation. I assume these very same “Christians” will still pray and attend church.

This reminds me of so many “Christians” that were so hateful during the desegregation era. So many churchgoing folks livid, spitting, screaming and hollering about children being allowed to go to the same school as white children …. the many churchgoing mobs of whites who’d go lynch a few coloreds and go right back to there families and church fellowship and feeling like a “good just person.”

I expect these hateful comments from yahoo, msn, etc., but to see so many Christians ( I know many Christians that read these articles) speaking ill of another people group makes me ill. I realize we have a huge racial problem still despite others saying we are “post-racism.” I’ve noticed that those who say certain folks pull the “race card” are quick to then go on and justify why they believe that race is inferior, contradicting themselves in the same breath. It seems at times that the civil rights movement only enforced ( or tried to enforce equality) but that it did nothing to change the hearts and minds of the people.

I expected much more from a conservative news agency.

Alida Rodriguez

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