Obama and his den of thieves are desperate! They know that IF an election is held this November, they will be kicked out onto the middle of Pennsylvania Ave. once the election results are completed. By provoking our citizens into taking matters into “their own hands,” Obama will have all the ammunition he needs to declare a “national emergency”!

Even those incredibly traitorous members of the “Extreme Court” knew exactly what they were doing by stripping Arizona of it’s ability to stabilize the illegal-alien entries. Citizens in Arizona and across the nation are outraged at this turn of events and the violence-provoking “decision” by the court.

Once the “lock and load” process begins in Arizona, and perhaps other parts of our nation, Obama will have his “justification” for declaring “a national emergency,” which would cancel any and all elections across our nation.

Mr. Farah, you and I both know that this is Obama’s last opportunity to retain his political power!

Jack Sherratt

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