Tucked away in the WND treasure trove of news, information and opinion is a reliable predictor of things to come. The headline reads “24% believe states have right to secede.” While notable as a measure of American dissatisfaction with the federal government, it’s not exactly Fort Sumter a la April 12,1861. It’s the rest of the Rasmussen survey that forecasts restive days ahead. The poll finds that “only about one out of five Americans believe the government today has the consent of the governed.” That’s a thunderous message of no confidence in the political class and their overbearing bureaucracies. Put another way, 80 percent of the governed believe the federal government works against their will.

When consent of the governed is withdrawn by the vast majority, no government can stand except by force and subjugation. Not surprising, then, that 9/11 was used to create a nation of suspects to justify surveillance and monitoring of all Americans citizens. The backroom purpose was to chill and stifle dissent as government expanded far beyond its constitutional boundaries. Obama does his bit in dividing America by race, color, class, ethnicity, gender, sexual preference and income. This further diffuses the focus on Washington, D.C., as the problem and not the solution.

None of this will work. The rise of the states in opposition is more physics than politics. Every action gives rise to an equal and opposite reaction.

Philip Weaver

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