The so-called “gay” parades, which used to allow marchers from the North American Man/Boy Love Association, or NAMBLA, appeared to have realized how much this salutation of pedophilia outrages most of the nation.

But how many of the numerous and usually outspoken homosexual activist organizations issued any of their usual press releases on the case of former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky?

Now that Sandusky is in a national media-covered trial, even the New York Times, a recurrent defender of homosexual intercourse and marriage, has published columnist Maureen Dowd’s June 13 piece headlined, “American Horror Story.”

From the Pennsylvania trial site, Dowd, to her credit, reported the following:

  • “Standing a few feet away from Jerry Sandusky, as he laughed and reminisced with friends in the front row of the courtroom, made me want to take a shower.

    “Just not in the Penn State locker room.”

  • “That was the gateway to horror where innocence was devoured by evil, over and over and over again, without a word being said. Just rhythmic smacking and slapping noises, silent screams, gutted psyches.”
  • “The prosecution charges that … 68-year-old, no-neck monster Sandusky … used Second Mile, his charity for disadvantaged kids, as a perverted recruiting tool, putting asterisks next to the names of boys who were fatherless. …”
  • “Like pedophile priests, Sandusky was especially vile because he targeted vulnerable boys.”
  • “The horror grew worse. After racquetball and basketball games, the coach would say, ‘Let’s get a shower.’

    “It would begin with a soap battle with liquid soap from the dispenser, the witness said, escalate to bear-hugging, slapping, rubbing, soaping, wrestling, maneuvering the child on the ground, kissing his thighs, forcing him to give and receive oral sex, and attempting anal sex.”

  • “When he tried to push the slab of an older man away, he said, Sandusky would get mad and ‘play box’ with open-hand slaps.”
  • “A string-bean who graduated from high school last week repeatedly broke down in sobs on Tuesday, recalling a similar pattern with Sandusky that would begin with blowing on his stomach. …

    “When he distanced himself, he said, Sandusky stalked him to his house and argued with his mother and grandfather about spending more time with him as he hid behind a bush.”

  • “When he and his mother tried to tell authorities at his school … they were met with skepticism. Sandusky, they were told, had a heart of gold.”
  • “It’s hard to believe that a monster like Sandusky was harbored by Happy Valley for so long. It was an open joke in Penn State football circles that you shouldn’t drop your soap in the shower when Jerry was around.

    “Only the boys in the shower weren’t laughing.”

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