Chief Justice John Roberts was initially ready to strike down the Obama
health plan but ultimately decided to find a way to declare it
constitutional.  That’s the assessment of Galen Institute President
Grace-Marie Turner, who has been on the front lines in the battle
against government intervention in health care since before the
Clinton-era health debate in the 1990s.  Turner says other critics have
good points that the Roberts decision contains aspects that could make
repeal easier and she says that means voters will have the final say on
Obamacare in November.

“This is going to have to be undone the same way it was passed,” Turner told WND.

Turner expects this to be a huge issue, perhaps
even eclipsing the economy.  She also calls the ruling ‘corrosive to job
creation’ since business owners refuse to make long term plans to expand
or add workers until they know how much this plan will cost them.
Turner says she is not worried that Mitt Romney could turn out to be
weak on this issue despite his record back in Massachusetts.  She says
Romney has no choice but to follow through on the promises he’s making
right now.

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