(PJMedia) Despite clearly demonstrated, intimate connections to the jihadist and virulently Jew-hating Muslim Brotherhood (via the Brotherhood’s affirmed Palestinian Muslim branch, the Jew-hating, jihad terrorist organization Hamas), the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) persists in its Orwellian self-characterization as an “anti-discrimination” organization.

On June 3, the stalwart Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT) provided video and audio extracts documenting that CAIR-Michigan Executive Director Dawud Walid invoked Jew-hating motifs in a recent May 25 sermon, and in an earlier January speech.

As the IPT report notes, Dawud asked, “Who are those who incurred the wrath of Allah?” during his May 25 sermon at the Islamic Organization of North America mosque in Warren, Michigan. Dawud immediately answered his own query in Arabic: “They are the Jews, they are the Jews.”

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