(TIMES UNION) — DeeperCalling Media (DCM), known for its conservative values and unapologetic Christian perspective fully, completely, 100% endorses sex. It’s true, the world’s largest supplier of full-service online Christian book stores, and internet retailer of Christian books, music, church supplies, Bibles and Bible study products supports a healthy fulfilling life of marital bliss.

Any time any company makes that kind of ringing endorsement there have to be some caveats, especially in the Christian industry of any kind. There are always those who would love to place the blame for any kind of prude-ism on Christians, but it is true, Christians are in favor of fun in bed.

“We have been astounded by the marked increase in the sales of Christian Books on the topics of Sex. It’s clear that in tough economic times people are seeking ways to improve their lives through better relationships with those closest to them” states DeeperCalling Marketing Manager Joe Kerr. “People often think of Christians as being prudish and wanting to avoid open talk about sex. But nothing could be further from the truth. Christians are demonstrating a healthy interest in the topics of sex and marriage” stated Kerr.

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