Sydney Phillips

By Jamie Glazov

My guest today is Sydney Phillips, an assistant editor and contributor at The College Conservative from Franklin, Tenn. She has attended Lee University in Cleveland, Tenn., for the past three years and has relocated to Dallas, Texas, for an internship with Mercury One/GBTV this summer. Her driving passion is Christians’ biblical responsibility to defend Israel.

Glazov: Sydney Phillips, thank you for taking the time out to talk to us about your commitment to Christians’ responsibility to defend Israel. Let’s begin first with your personal background. Kindly share with us your upbringing and how you came to be an American citizen who is passionately concerned about Israel and wishes for her country to defend it.

Phillips: Thanks Jamie.

I have been brought up in a very conservative household and in a Baptist church. It wasn’t until last summer when I started seeking God in my life that He started revealing to me what my purpose is and what I’m most passionate about. God has an overall purpose for those who love Him, and He gives us each specific callings as well. I am confident that His plan for me involves Israeli-American relations because as I have been seeking Him, he has put the right people, information and events in my path to start me on this pursuit. As I became further involved in the news, I started to be more concerned about Israel and current events and to study the Old Testament. Jim Staley, director of Passion for Truth Ministries, has a wonderful sermon entitled “Identity Crises” that spurred my interest in Hebrew roots.

Glazov: Enlighten us on the biblical theology that teaches Christians that they should defend Israel and the Jewish possession of Jerusalem. Is defending Israel an American duty? If so, why?

Phillips: The passages that come to mind are 1 Kings, Isaiah 62, and Romans 9-11. In 1 Kings, the people of God worshipped other gods, so God split the kingdom into two groups: the North (10 tribes, House of Israel) and the South (two tribes, House of Judah). Judah was exiled into Babylon, and the Northern tribes were scattered.

Judah came back, but the Northern tribes never came back to the land of Israel. They were scattered to the ends of the Earth and assimilated into the nations, eventually losing their identity as Jews from the land of Israel.

In Romans 9-11, Paul talks about the scattered Northern Tribes of Israel (as prophesied in Deuteronomy 28) who the wild olive tree branches are “grafted in” (11:24) to God’s people through the coming of Yeshua, who provides a way for us to go back to the Father. As Christians, we are grafted in to God’s family through obedience to Yeshua; it is our duty and honor to defend our brethren, even if they do not see us as family (God has given them “eyes that cannot see and ears that cannot hear,” Romans 11:8).

Isaiah 62 speaks of God sending “watchmen to sit on the walls of Jerusalem” in her defense, and they “shall not keep silent.” As established under God, it is our job to reinforce the importance of Torah and Israel’s right to that land because God placed them there thousands of years ago; it was given to them as “the Promised Land.”

The Father has given us the Holy Spirit so that He might use us for his great purpose, and part of his great purpose is to bring the Northern Tribes back to His heart and back to their land (Deuteronomy 30:1-6). Eventually we will all be one again, brought to the Father by Yeshua.

 God says to Abraham, the father of Israel: “I will bless those who bless thee, and curse those who curse thee” (Genesis 12:3).

”For through Him we both have access by one Spirit to the Father. Now, therefore, you are no longer strangers or foreigners, but fellow citizens with the saints and the members of the household of God” (Ephesians 2:18-19).

Glazov: What do you think of Obama’s treatment of Israel? How do you think our government should be acting toward the Jewish state?

Phillips: Obama has supported Israel with his words, but not his actions. At the AIPAC conference a couple months ago, Obama sang Israel’s praises saying that Israel should be “undivided,” promising them all the support in the world. Yet in an ABC interview days later, he claims “the wording was poor.” His abandonment of Prime Minister Netanyahu in 2010, his 1967 borders speech, and verbal slip-ups “behind closed doors” are a few examples that all indicate his hidden agenda regarding Israel. He continues to cut funds to Israel gradually, but overrides Congress to send a $172 million aid package to the PA government, dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood and bent on wiping the Israeli people off the map. By apologizing to the Arab nations for our “intolerance,” President Obama has compromised the traditional Judeo-Christian values held by this country’s founders and founding documents.

Our government should be providing Israel with the monetary and military support they need to defend themselves against the impending threats of the Muslim Brotherhood and of the priorities of Islam overall.

Glazov: Why has the duty to defend Israel fallen to the wayside in recent years, not just in our administration but in the American Christian church as well? What are the consequences?

Phillips: The American Christian church has embraced a complacent, comfortable mentality that refuses to acknowledge absolute truth in fear of seeming intolerant or judgmental. The biblical truth that the Torah is right and the Quran is evil is an issue they don’t want to address, because we have replaced the truth with moral relativism.

It’s more appealing to non-Christians and more appeasing to those who want to be involved in Christian activities solely to make themselves feel better. The church, with no defense, no bounds and no backbone, will not only lead to the demise of true biblical living, but also endanger American citizens because no one wants to be “hateful.”

This is where “Chrislam” comes into play. The latest group to take a stand against Israel in America is the Presbyterian Church (USA). Congregations nationwide, 11,000 of them, are adopting a document called “Recognition that Israel’s Laws, Policies, and Practices Constitute Apartheid Against the Palestinian People,” which urges the church body to take “appropriate action against the Israeli apartheid state.” The document states that Israel is inflicting “oppressive policies” against the Palestinians. The church clearly has misunderstood what’s actually occurring in the Middle East that mainstream media fail to report.

Glazov: Your thoughts on the mainstream media’s reporting on the conflicts in the Middle East? How do you explain this reporting?

Phillips: I have learned to take the mainstream media’s reporting with a grain of salt on any topic, but especially on the Middle East. In my opinion, the danger doesn’t lie in what they are reporting, but in what they’re not reporting regarding the dangers and realities of the Brotherhood and their infiltration into the U.S. via Mexico and educational programs.

Glazov: Can you talk a bit about what you see as the main threat to America and Israel?

Phillips: The main threat to America and Israel is Islam, no question. They are fundamentally opposed to the freedoms we believe in, and just because they are acting friendly doesn’t mean they are friendly. Jihad is a strategically violent holy war, and lying in order to further the Islamic duty of jihad is encouraged. Jews are particularly targeted–see for examples and stories.

Glazov: Tell us about The College Conservative and your work there. What is it like to be a conservative and the editor of a conservative newspaper in an academic setting – which is usually dominated by the left.

Phillips: The College Conservative is an online publication started at the end of November 2011 where college students from across the nation voice their opinions on world events and politics based in a conservative perspective and factual evidence. We aim to uphold traditional American values and provide evidence for the necessity to restore the exceptional values that formed an exceptional nation. At The College Conservative, we realize America’s current progressive, relativist mentality, which is especially prominent among those of our generation, and we refuse to accept the moral and economic decay of a Divinely inspired nation that offers freedom like nowhere else in the world.

My dad once said, “the victors write the history,” which is very true. Progressives have altered history to fit their agenda and have done it so sneakily and artfully that the general public won’t notice or accept it.

The left has changed what is accepted in society through their overwhelming influence in every aspect of life and media. A network like The College Conservative is extremely important in a country filled with progressive culture, media and education. Right now, progressives are winning the culture battle because their ideologies are inherently post-modern, and it’s important that conservative thinking and living isn’t lost just because the left produces a “cooler” film, book, or art piece. Conservatives need to influence culture with traditional values in a modern way so we can ensure history’s preservation, which will ultimately lead to the preservation of conservative values and lifestyles.

Glazov: What can be done to strengthen our defense of Israel? What are some things you are doing and also plan to do?

Phillips: We need to halt all funds to the Middle East, with Israel as the exception. We also need to elect government officials in this country who know their Bibles and actively apply its truth in their personal and public lives.

Right now, I am learning all I can about Israel in general through various books and conferences, and I write about its rights via the College Conservative. I hope to do an investigative piece when I go to Israel this fall. I am an intern at GBTV this summer, and I will go where God leads after that. I believe He will make the path clear regarding what I am to do next regarding His people and His plan for them, and I am committed to seeking Him patiently until He reveals

Glazov: Sydney Phillips, thank you for taking the time out to talk about Christians’ responsibility to defend Israel here. Good luck, and may God bless you in all of your efforts.

Jamie Glazov is editor of and author of “United in Hate: The Left’s Romance with Tyranny and Terror”

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