America’s middle class – or what once was its middle class – has lost roughly half its wealth since Obama took office.

Meanwhile, Obama jets from campaign event to campaign event aboard Air Force One, complete with fighter jet escort. Flight costs for Air Force One? “When considering fuel, repairs, maintenance, and other ‘flight consumables,’ Air Force One, the president’s airplane, costs $179,750 per hour to fly.” The fighter jet escort costs extra, probably another third to a half of the hourly AF1 costs.

Congress, meanwhile, has so many investigations going on probing Obama’s obamanations and his collusion with the Justice Department, Health and Human Services, the Environmental Protection Agency and the rest of the alphabet-soup federal agencies eating Americans’ lunches, that the Capitol must surely resemble a giant molehill. The little critters emerge to chitter at committees from all sides. Whack-a-mole here and two appear there.

Meanwhile, it’s rather telling (no, not Dan) that in a Florida courtroom where plaintiffs seek to bar Obama from having his name on the ballot because he is not a natural born citizen, Obama’s attorney argued not that Obama was qualified under the Constitution, but that it would be improper for the court to render a decision because Democrats had not yet placed Obama’s name on the ballot for a second term.

Democratic operatives have no doubt his name is on the ballot, however. They are working overtime to register the usual list of Democratic faithful: nursing home residents, cemetery dwellers, illegal aliens and now … dead dogs.

States that have implemented voter photo-ID laws to protect legal voters draw the wrath of Obama’s inJustice Department, forcing Holder to divide his time between furnishing untraceable guns to Mexican border gangs and untraceable ballots to dead dogs.

The presstitutes? They are too busy shilling for “four more years” of Obamunism, Obamacare death panels for seniors, Obamacare contraception dispensers in Catholic hospital prayer chapels and an EPA office on every piece of private land in America. It must send tingles up the presstitutes’ collective legs.

If Congress wants there to be an election this fall, they’d best bring a shotgun to the next whack-a-mole session.

Obama has asserted executive privilege to protect inJustice’s gunrunning on our border. How to respond? Defund Air Force One and Marine One, for starters. Speaker Boehner can call the Joint Chiefs and tell them, “You fly, you buy. It’s coming out of your retirement fund.” Let the Democratic National Committee pay for Obama’s campaign trips by chartering a commercial airliner for Obama and his presstitute entourage (not that anyone would wish Obama’s Secret Service on flight attendants).

There’s been no budget since Obama assumed office. The government’s spending is illegal. Boehner needs to stop worrying about looking presidential. The only way that will happen is if Holder goes berserk during a congressional hearing and turns his Fast and Furious stockpile on both Biden and Obama.

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