This was a momentous news day.

It was the day the U.S. Supreme Court held the Constitution in contempt and the day the Congress held Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt.

It’s a sign of the times.

We live in an age of contemptuous government.

Washington holds the people and the rule of law in contempt.

I don’t think our nation has ever been more divided since the early 1860s when the Union was ripped apart by a fundamental disagreement about the nature of limited government.

Of course, everyone agreed in the 1860s that the federal government was limited in its power by the Constitution – both the North and the South. The difference today is that many Americans, led by the Democratic Party and Barack Obama, believe in unlimited government. In other words, they believe the government can do just about anything it wants in trampling over individual rights and state sovereignty.

But we can’t blame Democrats alone.

It was Chief Justice John Roberts, an appointee of George W. Bush, who betrayed the Constitution and fundamental American values in his unexpected approval of Obamacare.

Democrats know what they believe in – unlimited government, government as God. Republicans are a mixed bag. Many of them, like Roberts, don’t really have any moral bearings at all.

And don’t blame Eric Holder alone for the gunrunning scheme that resulted in the death of two U.S. law enforcement officials and hundreds of Mexican civilians and police officers. He shouldn’t be the only one held in contempt. In 2009 Barack Obama’s White House was boasting about its “direction” of this operation, which more than explains Holder’s refusal to cooperate today with congressional investigators.

But there’s a silver lining to all this contemptuous, lawless behavior we are witnessing – if only the American people will digest it and take the country back in this election year.

In America, we get the kind of government we deserve.

All it takes to change the direction of the country is for people to do two things:

  • Follow the prescription of 2 Chronicles 7:14: “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

  • Vote the bums out on Nov. 6 – all of them. I mean the Democratic bums and the Republican bums.

And the action by the Supreme Court makes these prescriptions much more likely.

Maybe I’m an eternal optimist.

I know our choices at the ballot box are not always excellent. This year is no exception. But, with God’s help, I do believe America has a chance to turn around.

Do we want to continue being a lawless country ruled by men?

Or would we prefer to be a self-governing responsible people under the rule of law?

That’s the choice we face today.

That’s the choice we’ve always faced in America – for more than 230 years.

We’ve done pretty well for much of that time.

We’ve gotten a wake-up call over the last four years. Will we recognize what’s happening in time? Will we throw up our hands in apathy and hopelessness? Or will we recognize that we serve a God much bigger than government and fallen human beings in Washington?

It was a day of contempt in Washington today.

We should hold unruly, lawless public servants in contempt.

But we’ve got to do more than that to return this country to its historic roots in liberty and prosperity.

We’ve got to remember whom we all serve.

We’ve got to remember who created us.

We’ve got to remember why we’re here.

Pray for America’s repentance and revival.

And make those contemptuous politicians in Washington pay for their actions Nov. 6.

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