“Paul Revere,” muttered the deep-Southern farmer. “Yeah,” I remember Paul Revere. Wasn’t he that Yankee who had to go ride for help?”

Why, now, should Ed Klein, author of the blockbusting best-selling biography of Barack Obama, make me think of Paul Revere? Ed Klein also made me think of Hermann Goering! I can explain everything.

The notion of a Southerner disrespecting Paul Revere because he “rode for help” rather than take on the whole British army by himself, an action the Southerner apparently preferred, brings a smile.

Goering was interesting. When captured by the Americans as Germany fell apart, Goering asked his captors, “How are the New York Yankees doing this season?” He angrily demanded the American sergeant participating in his capture return his swagger-stick. “It’s a symbol of my authority” declared Hitler’s Luftwaffe commander. “You’ve got no more authority!” replied the sergeant, bundling the swagger-stick together with the Nazi air boss’ other belongings.

(I interrupt here for what I’ll call an “E. I.” – an “Excusable Irrelevancy.” Goering’s nephew, a Swedish nobleman named Count Carl Gustav von Rosen, learned aviation as a little boy in the cockpit of the air-taxi “Uncle Hermann” flew for a living in Sweden after World War I. I find it noteworthy that Goering, who was the first to use aviation to commit murder on such an unprecedented and massive scale, was the uncle of the first man to use aviation for humanitarian purposes. Von Rosen flew the first relief flights into Ethiopia in 1935 to take food and medicine to the victims of Uncle Hermann’s buddies, Mussolini’s Italian fascists. I became friendly with von Rosen during his daredevil efforts to deliver relief supplies to the southern breakaway province of Biafra during the Nigerian Civil War in the late 1960s.)

So, where is Ed Klein in all this? Ed Klein has pulled off the literary equivalent of “taking on the whole British army singlehandedly.” His negative biography of Obama was sentenced to oblivion and obliteration by the mainstream media. Yet it perches atop the New York Times best-seller list now for the second week in a row, having achieved that in its very first week of publication (“The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House”).

And the connection between Ed Klein and Hermann Goering? Easy! Imagine a battle-weary infantry hero telling the defeated mainstream media wondering where their “aauthority” went, “Sorry. You have no more authority!” That’s what Ed Klein did; that’s what he proved. Here’s what he said.

We don’t need the mainstream media anymore!

The effects of Ed Klein’s toppling of the dictatorship of the “Media-Biggies” is galvanic and unfathomable. It’s no exaggeration to suggest this takes us back to the joyous grabbing and kissing of females by sailors they didn’t know on Times Square on Aug. 15, 1945, the day Japan surrendered. It never made it into the Constitution, but until the Klein-coup the MSM exercised veto-power over all the valiant efforts of the “alternative” media: Little radio. Little TV. Little newspapering. Little books. Bloggers, Internet, websites, blast-faxes, online petitions and street pamphleteers like Thomas Paine who published during the American Revolution.

Imagine, please, Ed Klein writing a book reducing Barack Obama to his rightful and less-than-grand dimensions and zooming all the way to the top of the New York Times best-seller list. Then switch to a terminally humiliated mainstream know-it-all, tell-it-all, control-it-all “Major Media” that fail, not just to impede and damage a book that threatens their rule, but fail to keep it from being No. 1 in its first week of publication. And its second. And counting!

To make the feast even tastier, Ed Klein is described as a “liberal.” He was an editor of Newsweek and the New York Times Sunday Magazine. I remember loving his work when he was one of three authors who wrote an ingenious little book shortly after Israel’s astounding victory in the 1967 Six-Day War, entitled “If Israel Lost the War.” I couldn’t detect any left-right elements in that book. Back then, before civilization itself lost its balance, everybody was – naturally, organically, righteously and totally understandably – on Israel’s side.

Ed Klein’s victory over the mainstream-media-mafia holds many happy implications. We who oppose Obama may no longer have to sit here and listen to claptrap like, “Well, Obama can’t run for re-election on his record, so he’s got to go negative on Romney.” That kind of analytical shrewdness has its place; in something like covering chess matches. “I think he should move his rook and save his queen for later.” It’s past time for cool, chin-stroking deep-thinking analysis. This president’s a failure. We made a national mistake. Get him the hell out! Ed Klein has taken out the machine-gun nests and cleared the way.

Let the Obama-crats continue to pour millions into their once-safe-now-lost causes – gay marriage votes, special elections, the Big One in November. Spend away, Democrats! The economy needs the trickle-down.

It’s like pouring the finest French perfume over a healthy skunk.

You’ll achieve a certain momentary fragrance. But it’s a losing battle.

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