The author of a newly released “The Magic Man in the Sky” book is debunking the oft-claimed position of evolutionists that their beliefs are based on science.

“If one wants to talk about REAL ‘magic,’ consider the evolutionist’s proposition that all of life, all twenty million species of life and all their subsystems and sub-sub systems, originated (says the atheist) from an accidental, random, unpurposed, unplanned conglomeration of chemicals conjoining in a mystical, magical pool of mud, billions of years ago,” said author Carl Gallups.

“This pool of mud and its magical mixture has never been observed or replicated … In over 150 years of human attempts at replicating this accidental process, we have not even come close to doing so – even with OUR intelligent input involved!

“Further, this evolutionary magical pool of accidental chemical conjoining went on to ‘produce’ a living cell, according to the atheist. In other words – life originally came from nonlife – accidentally. Why, this is nothing more than the ancient superstition of spontaneous generation, spiffed up and given a new image. Talk about magic!”

One of the questions addressed in “The Magic Man in the Sky: Effectively Defending the Christian Faith,” is whether God simply is imaginary.

So says the online atheist website, which has been discussed by the New York Times.

The site states, “As you think about this, what you will realize is that evolved beings have no souls. Human beings are no different from any other animal, insect, plant or bacteria in the way that we have evolved. In the same way that every other living thing on planet Earth is soul-less, humans are soul-less. The whole notion of a soul is a figment of human imagination.”

The article continues, “This makes complete sense. The biochemistry of life powers evolution. That biochemistry is amazing and complex, but it is nothing more than a set of soul-less chemical reactions. When the chemical reactions cease, you die. There is no ‘soul’ mixed in with the chemicals.”

It continues, “Where did the first cell come from? Many believers will argue that God magically created the first living cell. This, of course, is silly. The scientific principle that describes the origin of life is called abiogenesis. In the same way that there is no supernatural being involved in evolution, there is no supernatural being involved in abiogenesis. Both the creation of life and the evolution of species are completely natural processes.”

Its conclusion?

“There is no ‘supreme being’ in heaven who reached down to create life on Earth or human beings. Nor is that being answering prayers. There is no soul. There is no everlasting life. Science tells us all of these things with complete clarity. God is imaginary.”

But Gallups said the simple evidence of man and his abilities defy the concept of evolution.

“If in fact, unpurposed, unplanned evolutionary processes devoid of any intelligent input were the mechanism by which humans arrived on planet Earth – then I suppose we could say that we are no different than any mere animal.”

He continued, “The insurmountable problem for the evolutionist is that the human being is like a ‘god’ to all the other life forms known in the universe. The closest ‘animal’ to the intelligence of a human being, most scientists agree, is the chimpanzee. Yet, humans have been to space. We write books, build computers, fly in airplanes and propel ourselves down superhighways in automobiles that we first imagined, then engineered, and now drive. Humans and humans alone literally rule the planet and its resources. We and we alone build cities, perform surgery, cook our food, imprison the criminals among us, educate our young in schools, institute governments, invent technologies, etc. On the other hand, chimps are chimps, and they always have been. They swing in trees, eat bananas, and sling poo. A two-year-old human child is infinitely smarter than any chimp on the planet, and the child’s life represents the ability to literally change the future of the planet and history. Not so with the smartest of chimps.”

He states: “And this notion that somehow the Christian is dedicated to a belief in a magic man in the sky is nothing more than a straw man argument fallaciously set up by the atheist. My book systematically exposes and demolishes this straw man argument.”

Then real magic, he said, is the idea that intelligent life has sprung from nothing.

“But the illusion of evolution doesn’t stop there,” Gallups, a pastor, said, “This magically and accidentally produced life form randomly ‘decided’ that it ‘needed’ to reproduce itself and through millions of more magical years that it ‘needed’ to become multicelled and through many more millions of magical (unseen and unproven) years, twenty million species of amazing life forms emerged – including man. Now man and man alone sits at the top of the evolutionary heap, as a ‘god,’ and declares – this all happened by an unplanned accident. Please tell me – who REALLY believes in magic?”

He said, “It is … the wishful thinking, pipe dream of the atheist and evolutionist to believe that science has ‘settled’ their worldview. It just is not so, however, no matter how loudly the fulminating atheist insists that it is. Again, in my book, I scientifically, logically, irrefutably, and historically PROVE the existence of God. Even the ardent atheist will have a difficult time refuting the evidence with any academic plausibility at all.”

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