Dear Joseph:

I read your column “Contemptuous government.” If you think Willard Mitt Romney is going to repeal Obamacare, one side of your brain is manufacturing BS and the other side is buying it. You’re an eternal optimist? Really? This nightmare is REAL.

The republic is dead, and you are in denial. The financial collapse is days or maybe weeks away. Can’t you see that, or do you have the Bias Factor Disorder, too, like so many talk-show hosts? “Oh, this is America, and it can’t happen here.” We are headed to a one-world government designed by Satan himself.

Being a Christian shouldn’t mean you check out of reality. I say this with the deepest sadness. We are headed for a civil war. We have a lawless government, and the ballot box is NOT going to correct it. Remember the U.S. Supreme Crooked Court? Do you expect a cornered animal to turn the other cheek? That is suicide and not biblical. You have truly been the only true journalist left. Please don’t stick you head in the sand.

Harold Smith

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