The political maneuvering of the Obama administration and its prominent surrogates continues to evidence desperation, yet with an undercurrent of belligerence that’s far more bluster than genuine assurance. This is encouraging, because it indicates that they don’t have Obama’s re-election “in the bag,” as it were, election fraud or some manner of clandestine tampering being a very real possibility with this bunch. Wisconsin’s retention of Scott Walker as governor was obviously a major development and a blow to Democrats, and portends significant Democratic losses in the near future.

In between the effluvia of abject lies emanating from the president, the sandbox invective being used to demonize the presumptive Republican nominee (anyone who votes for Romney is a bigot!) and the increasing vulgarity of liberals in general, one observes that the administration’s practices of intimidation and thuggery are reaching new lows on a daily basis. Obviously, operating under the presumption that their methodology will never be scrutinized to any meaningful degree in the press has provided for a certain sense of wild abandon.

Our government has become fundamentally corrupt, and this administration is criminally so. Their actions are “legitimized” only by virtue of the offices they have come to hold via deception and decades of voter apathy. Considering the “Fast and Furious” operation alone, one does not have to possess psychic abilities to be pretty much convinced that if the whole truth were known, Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama would occupy adjoining cells in a federal penitentiary.

Some of the most audacious and detestable acts the administration has committed lately strike right at the heart of Americans’ core principles. Even with the awareness that Obama has always been at war with Americans’ core principles, one can’t help but wonder to what degree the administration’s recent over-the-top exploits will damage Obama politically.

The ongoing battle between Obama and the Catholic Church over contraception coverage mandates in Obamacare took a new turn recently when various dioceses filed suit against the administration. Last week, in a stunning display of hypocrisy, the administration counseled influential black clergy in how to campaign for Obama in one breath, and in the next warned another group of clergy against doing the very same thing for opposition candidates under pain of losing their tax-exempt status – all the while, wholly ignoring the fact that such counsel is in itself illegal. On Saturday, a different group of leading black pastors requested a meeting with Obama, gravely disturbed by his endorsement of gay marriage as a “civil right.”

Some weeks back, choice media sources reported that President Obama’s 2012 campaign slogan, “Forward” – long embraced by Marxists – was being mercilessly mocked by his detractors and opponents, from Mitt Romney to seasoned bloggers. The study of the campaign’s use of this slogan has taken on new life over the last few days, as more and more begin to study Obama’s Marxist roots out in the open. Thus, people are beginning to make sense of Obama’s policies in the aggregate – and that is not good for the president.

The irony – as with so much of the left’s doctrine – is that “Forward” is really backward, in every practical and historic sense.

Operating from the premise that President Obama is a closeted communist (which I’ve been doing for some time), his actions as such having been shielded by the press, we know that the anti-capitalist, big-government model is that which Obama is attempting to bring to fruition. If one looks at the most rudimentary accounts of human history, it is relatively easy to see that striving toward a perfection of liberty is more or less naturally ingrained in human beings; this is why it is included in the concepts of Natural Law so favored by our nations’ founders. This is also from whence free-market capitalism springs. The oldest historical texts (including the Bible) make it plain that mercantilism and trade – essentially, capitalism – have been with us since the first caveman reasoned that there was probably a better way to get some of those furs from his neighbor than using a club and winding up down one fur producer.

In historical studies of the West, the interplay between Judeo-Christian principles, government and markets can be seen as naturally progressing toward religious freedom, representative government and free-market capitalism – which is why they don’t teach history anymore.

A little over a hundred years ago, a spoiled, pseudo-intellectual loser named Karl Marx beheld all that had grown up around him and arrived at the conclusion to which many spoiled, pseudo-intellectual losers after him would arrive: He could do better. In “The Communist Manifesto,” he detailed the means by which spoiled, pseudo-intellectual losers might manifest their own sophomoric vision of society.

Many Marxists refer to communism as having been attempted in various countries. This is in part because the promises of communist leaders never come through. Their excuse for its failure has almost always been America, which continued to advance capitalism. Those who consider (or adopt) this argument miss the point, since delivering on the promises of prosperity, equality and justice has never been the intention of pathologically narcissistic, envious communist leaders.

Forward has always meant backward, as we revert to a time when we were ruled rather than governed by those no better than we, and for no justifiable reason.

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