If you love liberty and you love God, go see “For Greater Glory,” a powerful new action movie with an all-star cast and an even more powerful message with great relevance to what we are experiencing in America today.

It’s the dramatic true story of an uprising in Mexico few in America know about – the Cristero War between Catholics and the authoritarian socialist government in 1926.

The parallels between that struggle and Barack Obama’s attempted abridgments of religious liberty in 2012 America have not gone unnoticed.

Andy Garcia, Peter O’Toole and Eduardo Verástegui star in this emotionally gripping story of a conflict that at once seems so foreign and horrifying, but, under closer scrutiny, is clearly the same battle over religious liberty we are fighting in America today.

I cannot recommend this picture enough.

Take your children. Take your friends. Take your entire church. This is one of those remarkably redemptive films of faith, heroism and courage – three attributes in short supply in our culture today.

There’s another interesting side story to the film – and that is the way freedom movements are often sold out by powerful institutions.

You can’t help but wonder if the corruption so pervasive in Mexico today would be there had the Vatican and the U.S. government not negotiated a less-than-glorious settlement of the conflict apart from those who were giving their lives for putting God ahead of government.

“For Greater Glory” also reminds us of the tremendous sacrifices people have made throughout history for the cause of liberty. It begs the question: What, if anything, are we willing to sacrifice today just to preserve it?

Be inspired by what you see in this movie.

There’s a boy we first meet when he pelts an elderly priest with a tomato. As penance he is told to serve the priest. His moment of truth comes when he decides to steal a watch he finds while sweeping the church. But his conscience is pricked in such a way that he becomes an ardent believer. I won’t give away where all that leads, except to say that it represents one of the most compelling components of the movie.

Similarly, Any Garcia’s character evolves from non-believer to passionate believer willing to sacrifice everything – his wealth, his love of family, his revered status as a heroic Mexican general and his life.

I am ready to see this movie again – and again.

Americans needs to understand what their founders understood – that freedom can never be taken for granted. Liberty is fleeting in the history of the world. It’s time for this generation of Americans to stand up to the challenges previous generations of Americans have met – courageously, with determination, with understanding and with conviction.

I took two of my children to see “For Greater Glory.” I don’t think either of them was thrilled about seeing a war movie about early 20th century Mexico.

But they both left in tears, saying this was one of the best movies they had ever seen.

So don’t wait for the DVD to come out. Make a point of getting to theaters this week to see it. We need to encourage this kind of moviemaking in America – rewarding the good and uplifting and redemptive. This is one easy way we can wage the struggle for liberty in American today without taking up arms. We can uphold the positive and reject the negative influences in our culture.

You will thank me for directing you to this film.

Let’s do our best to make it successful, so more filmmakers and studios and distributors are encouraged to make more movies like this.

Watch the trailer:

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