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'Green' agenda will make U.S. black and blue

One of the many things I like about Brian Sussman is that his fearlessness in sounding the alarm about Marxist goals for America compels him to use every means at his disposal.

s I was finishing this review, I noticed that the “global warming” whistleblower tweeted the following: “The EPA under Lisa Jackson has become a wildly reckless Stalinist operation.”


Now, he is able to use his platforms for a terrific and terrifying new book, “Eco-Tyranny: How the Left’s Green Agenda Will Dismantle America.” Sussman is also host of the popular radio program for San Francisco’s KFSO – “Right Thinking from the Left Coast.” He can also be heard when he fills in for the brilliant Mark Levin.

With his background in meteorology and reporting, Sussman was poised to become a human lightning rod with his break-out book, “Climategate.” He rightly understood years ago the agenda behind the so-called “global warming” movement.

Now in “Eco-Tyranny,” he uncovers truly shocking information behind the effort of environmental groups (I would also classify our current government as an environmental group, as well) to re-make America into something that won’t be pretty.

If we let them.

Sussman alerts us to the ultimate danger right away: “When the government controls the land, the water, the minerals, timber, oil and gas, they control us.”

You see, the change-agents behind this eco-conspiracy aren’t necessarily the hippies who flock to Sundance or gather at Red Rocks to channel the spirit of John Denver. Rather, they are a well-funded and sophisticated bunch bent on literally controlling the ground beneath our feet.

Sussman does such a good job tracing this movement back to its dark roots –none other than Karl Marx – that I think you the reader will be shocked by how blatantly Marxist this whole modern enterprise really is. Fundamentally of course, Marx advocated that a core group of individuals would take private property ownership out of the hands of the people; his worldview is on display right now in Washington, D.C.

Take for example, Sussman’s research into the origins of “eminent domain,” whereby a local government can seize private property for “the greater good.” It has emerged as a land-grab by the government, and no doubt many readers have been affected by this theft-scheme.

Interestingly, Sussman also alerts us to the fact that this “green agenda” has affected even leading religious institutions, including the venerable Wheaton College, which now boasts an Environmental Studies Program. Actually, if you knew how liberal even our evangelical schools are…

“Eco-Tyranny” touches on so many fascinating subjects, you’ll be reeling, as I was, when you finish the book. Not only does the author blow the lid off the schemes to keep us energy dependent on our enemies – he also writes an engrossing account of how our national parks are not really what they appear, so to speak. You’ll be amazed by the original cronyism that went into these first government “land grabs” and later alarmed by the nefarious reasons for them now.

He also expertly punctures some of the myths that have grown up around the environmental hysteria. For example, we routinely hear that unless we cut back, we’ll run out of oil within the next quarter century.

Hear Sussman clearly: “However, with OPEC laying claim to four and a half trillion barrels – the peak oil theory quickly disintegrates. There’s enough oil for the nations of the world to grovel at the feet of a cartel filled with radical Muslims, socialists and communists for the next 140 years.”

It isn’t all bad news, however, and here is where Sussman’s reporting shines the brightest. Not only does he highlight the fact that we can actually win this battle (Chapter 4 details the release of “Climategate” on Earth Day 2010, and how it helped turn back the cap-and-trade schemes of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Rich stuff!), but a 12-point plan in the book also contains all the elements needed to actually implement our own takeover – or take-back of property and land that rightly belongs to the American people.

While many of us hope the president retires to Kenya come January, Sussman points out that Obama doesn’t shoulder the blame for this slide toward totalitarianism alone. In fact, his discussion of Richard Nixon’s 1970 establishment of the Environmental Protection Agency (known by the sinister bureaucratic title, “Reorganization Plan No. 3”) will befuddle those of us who thought certain presidents were acting in our best interests.

“Eco-Tyranny” also contains a fascinating section of reproduced documents that detail some of the more disturbing plans of the U.S. government to control the population.

The federal government has now acquired, since our founding, a staggering 1.8 billion acres! The federal agencies created to oversee these lands is equally daunting. Such sobering facts have “crept in unaware,” as most of us have gone about our daily routines.

Brian Sussman’s “Eco-Tyranny,” though, is a beautiful blueprint for reversing that tide.

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