By Roger Simmermaker

I’m sure that most patriotic consumers would love to have a store, in their hometown, that sells only American-made goods. I know that I would!

So when businessman and entrepreneur Todd Scaccia opened a store in Nassau, N.Y. (half way between Albany, N.Y., and Pittsfield, Mass.) that does exactly that, he decided to name it Hometown Stores USA. Todd believes, (like I do), that every town across America needs a store that’s selling solely American-made goods.

And not just that, Todd guarantees that customers who order online won’t end up with a foreign-made product by mistake. It’s very simple, and it goes like this: every effort’s been made to guarantee that Hometown USA products are made in America. If for some reason a product is shipped to you that’s not made in America, Hometown USA Stores guarantees a full refund and a 10 percent credit toward your next purchase.

So, with a powerful guarantee like that coming from such a passionate supporter of the buy-American cause, what reason would patriotic consumers have to not check out Todd’s brick-and-mortar Hometown USA store, or his online presence at

In the store and on the Internet, you’ll find a great variety of American-made products. Want a total? Here it is: you’ll find over 2,500 American-made products from nearly 100 American vendors. It’s no wonder they have a 14,000-square-foot facility to warehouse and inventory all those American-made products! Categories including automotive, clothing & accessories, footwear, furniture, grills, holiday products, patriotic products, pet products, seasonal products, sporting goods, stationary, tools, and toys.

A great feature on the website is the ability to sort by products, categories, or simply by the manufacturers themselves. So, if you’re interested in American-made sporting goods, but don’t want to sort through the golf products to get to the fishing gear, it’s not a problem.

If you’re looking for footwear, but want to skip past the boots and go right to the sandals selection, again, no problem. You can even sort by product name or by price within each category you’re browsing.

Looking for American-made gear to accompany you when you’re on the go?

Check out Hometown USA Stores’ impressive inventory of Filson products from hats, caps, belts, and wallets to wool blankets, gun cases, coats and jackets, pants, shirts, vests, and suspenders.

I’ve known for years that although Filson is a great resource for outdoor clothing, sporting goods, and related accessories, not all of their products are made in USA. So it’s great to see that Hometown USA Stores has sorted through their large selection to carry only the American-made Filson products and not the imported ones.

If you’ve ever entertained the thought of opening your own store of American-made products, Hometown USA Stores stands ready to help you. They’ve developed their own system, and it’s one that’s a proven success. Now they’re looking for patriotic-minded entrepreneurs and investors who want to partner with Hometown USA Stores to keep a dream alive; it’s a dream of an American landscape dotted with stores that stock and sell only American products.

Hometown USA Stores knows that Americans overwhelmingly prefer American products when given a patriotic alternative to a similar imported product. That’s why they offer as many as possible and make it as easy possible for consumers to access a large number of products from only domestic sources.

When the American economy isn’t growing as fast as we think (or hope), buying American-made products is one sure way to help repair it. Then, when our economy is back on its feet, the way to keep it humming is the very same way that helped repair it – by continuing to purchase American made products.

Hometown USA Stores is a great place to go to make sure we can find American products to buy, and keep our economy moving forward far into the future.

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