Rush Limbaugh

As more reports emerge about the discrepancies contained in the president’s books, Limbaugh explained Obama’s compulsion to exaggerate or even invent aspects of his life this way: “This guy is obsessed with race. He is obsessed with coming off as authentically black. It’s troubling and disturbing. Who does this?” (FREE audio)

Limbaugh is now calling the White House’s scandalous “Fast and Furious” operation “liberalism on parade,” because the plan all along was to create a phony crisis to gin up demands for tighter gun control laws.

He compared “Fast and Furious” to the notorious media malpractice incident back in 1992, when NBC’s “Dateline” wanted to “illustrate that certain trucks were dangerous.” The producers actually rigged vehicles to explode on camera to get the footage they needed to scare viewers! Rush says the White House was using the same tactic to manipulate voters, but it didn’t work this time, either.

Michael Savage

All week, Savage noted the constant accusations of “racism” that follow in the wake of every criticism of the president.

Citing the example of the Daily Caller who accidentally posed a question at the wrong time during a press conference, Savage remarked (FREE audio): “A man asks him a question during the White House Rose Garden speech … and Obama stumbles. He can’t even finish his lying speech. And right on cue, here comes the Congressional Black Caucus calling it ‘racism,’ to dare ask the president a question. When Sam Donaldson did it to Ronald Reagan, it was not considered anything but brilliant.”

Then the same group declared that even referring to Obama as “cool” was somehow bigoted as well.

“I never thought ‘cool’ was a racist term,” Savage said, “but then again, I have no idea how other people think. I always thought it was a compliment. When you look at pictures of Obama as a young man, he was very cool.”

Maybe too cool? Savage went on to note the dubious background of one of the individuals in those photographs, an illegal alien and drug user named Sohale Siddiqi (FREE audio).

Aaron Klein

After G. Gordon Liddy announced his retirement from talk radio, he sat down with Aaron Klein to discuss his colorful career behind the mic and before that, as an aide to Richard Nixon. That position gave Liddy the unique perspective from which to call the Obama White House “the most corrupt administration ever” (FREE audio).

Curious about the Mormon church? Klein invited callers to pose questions about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to one of the sect’s foremost leaders.

Other show highlights include speculation that the Cold War may once again be heating up and details about Obama’s secretive membership in the socialist New Party back in the 1990s.

Mark Levin

Levin posted a long article at his Facebook page, explaining the true meaning of “executive privilege,” in light of Attorney General Eric Holder’s attempts to keep certain “Fast and Furious” documents from being revealed.

“In this case,” writes Levin, “the exercise of Executive Privilege seems, in its timing and over-inclusiveness, to be nothing less than a political delaying tactic to prevent exposure of wrongdoing and incompetence that resulted in the murder of an American law enforcement agent and injury and death of many others.”

The Daily Caller’s Neil Munro was widely criticized for questioning Obama during a recent Rose Garden speech. However, Levin praised Munro for having the courage to challenge the president, even if the reporter’s timing was clumsy (FREE audio).

Laura Ingraham

Fox News star Monica Crowley stopped by the show to tell Laura about her new book, “What the (Bleep) Just Happened?: The Happy Warrior’s Guide to the Great American Comeback.”

Florida Congressman Allen West called in to express his outrage at the president’s extraordinary decision to grant de facto amnesty to almost one million illegal aliens.

On a lighter “note,” legendary musician Gregg Field regaled Laura and her listeners with tales of his time working for everyone from Frank Sinatra and Barbara Streisand to Michael Buble and Barry Manilow (FREE audio).

Glenn Beck

Beck visited Toronto this week to speak at a fundraising for the city’s Jewish Chabad organization. He warned that attacks against Israel and the Jews would increase in the future and begged them to fight anti-Semitism in all its forms.

In an interview with Brian Lilley of the Sun News Network, Beck talked about the so-called “Arab Spring,” which failed just as he predicted it would (FREE video).

And now, from the left side of the dial …

Bill Press – who likes to present himself as a distinguished media veteran – went off the rails this week (but not off the air).

He went on a cruel and factually challenged rant, infuriated that Mitt Romney’s wife Ann owns horses.

Press is well aware of the fact that Ann Romney took up dressage upon the advice of her physician, to help treat her MS.

He just doesn’t care, telling his few listeners (FREE audio): “This is what’s so BS about that, right? We can’t criticize her [Ann Romney] for having this elitist sport because she has MS, right, so he ties it right to that, yeah as if everybody whose got MS this is the answer to it. This is what doctors prescribe: ‘Oh you have MS ah well I have an easy cure, just go out and buy a dressage horse and you’ll be just fine.'”

Yet as blogger Brian Maloney points out, this sort of therapy for MS is exactly what many experts recommend.

Isn’t it interesting that “progressives” like Bill Press continue to insist that they, and not conservatives, are the only truly compassionate, sensitive, well-informed people in America?

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