Few groups have taken a beating in the media over the last four years like the so-called “birthers.”

Americans motivated by a pursuit of the truth and a passion for the Constitution have been vilified, mischaracterized, ridiculed and labeled as racists for their trouble.

Most often “birthers” are described in the media as those who believe Barack Obama was actually born in Kenya rather than Hawaii – even though those questioning Obama’s constitutional eligibility seldom make such claims or representations.

But I do know someone who has made such a claim. And he did it long before the term “birther” was coined as an epithet by media completely without curiosity about Obama’s background.

Meet the very first “birther” – Barack Obama himself.

I’ve been called “the king of the birthers” because of my commitment to pursuing the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about Obama’s life story. Yet I have never claimed he was born in Kenya. In fact, when pushed in countless interviews my answer has always been the same: I don’t know where Obama was born.

But Obama himself maintained for 16 years – right up until 2007 when he got serious about running for the presidency – that he was indeed born in Kenya. He used this claim to his personal advantage to sell books. For all we know, he may have used it to his personal advantage as a student and as a community organizer.

Even this revelation, however, has not made the media the slightest bit curiouser about Obama’s life story. We’re just supposed to accept what he says today as an article of faith.

I have a problem with this.

If you tell one story for 16 years and then tell another story for five years, what does that make you?

For certain, it makes you a liar.

There are only three possibilities:

  • Obama was lying for 16 years when he said he was born in Kenya;

  • He’s lying now;
  • Or he was lying for 16 years and is still lying today about his past.

There is no other explanation of this phenomenon than Obama lies.

Why does he lie?

The answer is obvious.

He lies for self-advantage.

When it was advantageous to be “Kenyan-born” for at least 16 years, Obama claimed that descriptive.

When it was advantageous to be “Hawaiian-born” for the last five years, Obama claimed that descriptive.

When it was advantageous as a Chicago community organizer to sit at the feet of the America-hating, Jew-hating Rev. Jeremiah Wright for 20 years, Obama did so.

When it became advantageous to throw Wright overboard and deny any knowledge of his teachings, Obama did so.

When it was advantageous to be a member of the socialist New Party, Obama became one.

When it became disadvantageous as a presidential candidate to be one, he denied it.

When it was advantageous to be a friend of Bill Ayers and his family, Obama was one.

When it became disadvantageous to be associated with an unrepentant domestic terrorist, Obama denied he ever was.

Do you get the picture?

I could literally list dozens, possibly hundreds of examples of this kind of duplicity and deceit by Obama. We all could if we thought long and hard enough about them.

The answer to the question of why Obama lies is obvious. He lies for advantage. He’ll say whatever he has to say to whomever he has to say it whenever he has to say it to achieve his objective.

Worse yet, if you accept Obama at his word – and his word changes – you run the risk of being demonized by him and his lemming-like supporters. If you even suggest you don’t accept Obama’s latest version of reality because it differs from his previous version of reality, you run the same risk.

That’s pathological.

And it’s self-evident – for anyone willing to see the truth.

Anyone, that is, except Obama and his supporters.

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