Michael Savage

As a long time San Francisco resident, Michael Savage was intrigued by statements made last weekend by Willie Brown, the city’s first black mayor.

“He’s a lifetime, radical, leftwing Democrat,” Savage told listeners, “but believe me, he’s an intelligent one.”

So when Brown admitted in print that he was disillusioned with President Obama, people took notice. Savage explained that Brown, a political insider, “knows which way the wind blows and he recognizes that Obama is probably going to lose” the election in November (FREE audio).

“I’ve heard the same thing from top Democrats,” Savage continued. “They are saying Obama’s destroyed the party. That Obama has steered the Democrats so far away from the average voter, that there will be a landslide in November unless Romney screws up in some way.”

Or, Savage speculated, Obama declares war with Iran in September, thereby practically guaranteeing that voters will rally around him.

On a lighter note, Savage also castigated the president’s choice of Medal of Freedom honorees. To the strains of recipient Bob Dylan’s song “Everybody Must Get Stoned,” Savage asked wryly, “See where drugs lead you? To a communist in the White House” (FREE audio).

Rush Limbaugh

Donald Trump’s so-called “birther” interview with CNN was a well-timed set up, declared Rush Limbaugh, after the controversial segment aired on Tuesday.

Rush explained that media companies conduct “pre-interviews” with guests, which are supposed to cover the talking points to be raised during the show. However, Limbaugh speculated, CNN producers “probably told Trump that they were going to talk about OPEC,” then surprised the mogul live on the air with so-called “birther” questions.

“That’s how they reel guests in,” Rush explained. “That’s how they utilize the deceit” (FREE audio).

the forthcoming memoir by “the dean of American talk radio,” Barry Farber.

“Barry Farber was a standout when it was difficult to get a talk show,” Limbaugh recalled. “You had to be among the best to be hired to host long-form talk. Barry Farber was … the best.”

In “Cocktails with Molotov: An Odyssey of Unlikely Detours,” Farber regales readers with scintillating tales of his encounters with celebrities and politicians during his travels around the world.

Sean Hannity

This week, Hannity took a brief break from his usual Beltway interviews and talked to country superstar John Rich. The award-winning performer and one-time “Celebrity Apprentice” talked to Sean about his new song called “That’s Why I Pray.”

On Thursday, Mark Simone stepped behind the microphone as guest host. He concentrated on the topic of leftwing media bias, contrasting MSNBC’s “wall to wall” coverage of the Trayvon Martin case with its sudden silence when confronted with evidence that might help George Zimmerman’s defense.

Aaron Klein

This week, Klein raised an issue that doesn’t get nearly enough attention: the future of
Christians and minorities in the Middle East, as the region falls under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Klein also broadcast a revealing interview with the courageous student who was threatened by his teacher for daring to criticize the president.

Speaking of the state of America’s schools: Aaron Klein also conducted an independent investigation of Harlem public elementary school that will become the first in New York to require students to study Arabic.

Klein is the first and only news reporter to reveal the suspicious facts surrounding the group that co-created and financed this Arabic language program. Not surprisingly, it has ties to the increasingly powerful Muslim Brotherhood, too (FREE audio).

Mark Levin

Acknowledging that “passion” is a key ingredient of every successful talk show host, including his own, Mark Levin says now that MSNBC’s Al Sharpton is too extreme, even for that far leftwing cable network.

Displaying some “passion” of his own, Levin asked his listeners rhetorically, “What is he [Sharpton]? Is he an activist, rabble-rouser, radio host, T.V. host, civil rights leader, what is he? He’s an a-hole, that’s what he is” (FREE audio).

On top of everything else, Levin added, Sharpton is an incompetent broadcaster who “can’t speak in complete sentences.”

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck was praised by an unlikely source at a major broadcasting industry event this week.

Ari Emanuel (brother of former Obama underling Rahm, and the inspiration for the “Entourage” character “Ari Gold”) called Glenn Beck’s subscription- and web-based GBTV a “model” for the future of television.

GBTV has over 230,000 paid subscribers, Emmanuel pointed out – far more than Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network, which is based on a similar model.

Meanwhile, on his radio show, Beck compared the new movie “Men in Black 3” to “cancer,” calling it “one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen” (FREE webcam).

And now, from the left side of the dial …

Brian Maloney at Radio Equalizer notes that the same sorts of media mavens who mocked President George W. Bush as a recovering alcoholic seem to have a very different attitude towards Obama’s admitted youthful drug use.

While veteran broadcaster Bill Press was away, two substitute hosts took to the airways to giggle about Obama’s pot smoking adventures.

“At parties, my Democratic friends are like, ‘I could not love him more,'” one host proclaimed (FREE audio).

Maloney asks: “What’s next, will the once-staid ‘Roll Call’ merge with ‘High Times?’ Could C-Span make room for Cheech & Chong movies? At this point, would anyone notice the difference?”

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