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WASHINGTON – For the past few weeks, U.S. indications and warnings have picked up Israeli long-range strike practice and refueling, according to a report in Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

While they’re occurring with one or two aircraft at a time, sources report that such practice “seems to be a constant now.”

In addition to long-range strike practice runs, sources say there also has been a recall of “key personnel” and further movement of U.S.-supplied anti-ballistic Patriot missiles.

The Israelis also have been doing intelligence collection flights, as well as early warning practice, which has been under way for more than a month.

Such a report comes on the heels of other recent indications and warnings about Israeli war preparations.

Those preparations include arming and fueling Israel’s nuclear-capable Jericho II missiles and the deployment of covert intelligence ships near Iran for intelligence-gathering and surveillance.

In addition, Israel is preparing its own German-supplied electric submarines which are capable of firing a nuclear-tipped cruise missile. Israel has three such submarines and hopes to receive a fourth almost any time.

This suggests that Israel may put greater reliance on “stand-off” warfare when it comes to any military strike against Iran. Such a strategy includes the use of missiles and drones while using almost all military aircraft to protect the immediate home front.

All of this is independent of what possible military assistance that would be forthcoming from the United States. As WND/G2Bulletin previously reported, the U.S. has based stealth F-22 Raptor jet fighters in the United Arab Emirates. These Raptors could be used to assist Israel in any air strike on selected nuclear sites. Then it would possibly employ B-2 long-range bombers to strike some of those sites.

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