Several weeks ago, a group of former NASA astronauts, engineers and other scientists sent a letter to the agency to rebuke the current leadership for its active embrace of the climate-change agenda. Now NASA officials have responded to those concerns but have only served to infuriate their former employees even more.

Leighton Steward is a geologist and author of “Fire, Ice and Paradise.” He has worked closely with the astronauts and scientists in explaining why climate-change science is far from settled and why many of the common conclusions from NASA leaders and others are flawed.

“They know the imperical evidence does not support all these model forecasts of catestrophic climate change, Steward told WND. “That’s really an embarassment to them and they’re worred NASA is going to ruin NASA’s reputation, the reputation of current scientists and these guys who are retired, and maybe even the reputation of science itself.”

Steward also says NASA leaders are guilty of speaking out of both sides of their mouths. The response to the former scientists claimed NASA does not offer hard conclusions in the climate-change debate but just days later top scientists were making very dire predictions before Congress.

NASA leaders also said climate change is a moral danger on par with slavery. Steward now tells us how the ex-NASA personnel are responding and where the battle goes from here.

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