Forget for the moment Obama bypassed Congress to arbitrarily grant amnesty to illegal aliens vis-a-vis what amounts to the Dream Act. Forget for the moment that for years he has said that without congressional approval he didn’t have the authority to do precisely what he did today. Forget for the moment that college students and high school seniors have just graduated into an employment market that has lost millions of jobs. Forget for the moment that unemployment amongst legal American citizens is 10.4 percent, and forget that as legal Americans are searching for jobs and students are looking for summer employment, Obama has granted amnesty to 800,000 illegal aliens up to 30 years of age who are now cleared to compete for jobs that millions of citizens desperately need. And forget for the moment that in arbitrarily granting amnesty to these illegal aliens, he micturated on the Constitution of the United States.

This is the most important thing to be remembered: What he did last week is not even a breath of what he will do if he is re-elected without a Congress that will hold him in check. What he did will pale in comparison to the things he will feel empowered to do. He and his wife will drop the thinly veiled pretense of public servant and reveal themselves as the hardcore Marxist-Leninists and redistributionists they are. The Constitution will mean nothing to them. They will openly disdain and abuse it even more freely. She will vacation and spend like the taxpayer welfare queen she aspires to be, and he will drop all pretense of working with Congress.

There is no question but that his recent actions were motivated by political expedience. But keep in mind also that as I wrote in one of my Daily Rants: “Obama, his wife and Eric Holder are the political equivalent of wounded animals. And as everyone knows, or at least should know, a wounded political animal is always dangerous.”

There is one more thing to be remembered and that is Mitt Romney’s painfully insipid response. Do not confuse his response as his being craven. His response was the response of a man who, as my grandmother used to say, was “standing waist deep in chicken manure trying to keep his feet clean.” Romney may not particularly agree with the way Obama accomplished the Dream Act, but he darn sure agrees with the Dream Act – which makes him no better than Obama. It also means that he would not lift a finger to correct this abrogation of constitutional authority.

It should also be noted that we have heard absolutely nothing from John Boehner, Mitch McConnell or the so-called Republican leadership. Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, is the only Republican who has given any indication that he intends to fight Obama’s action. But let there be no doubt, just as John Boehner has worked to undermine Rep. Darrel Issa’s attempt to bring Eric Holder to justice for his involvement in Fast and Furious, so, too, will he undermine any attempt to hold Obama accountable over his flagrant disregard for the Constitution and violating his oath to uphold it.

This brings me to a point I have repeatedly made. We cannot afford to abandon our efforts to take the super majority in the Senate and strip Boehner of the House speakership. We must also work to oust the RINOs in Congress. Because, if I’m right in what I believe the outcome of the general election will be, without taking the aforementioned steps, see paragraphs two and three above.

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