Since President Obama’s tyrannical tendencies are evidenced nearly every day and his unconstitutional actions probably number in the dozens, keeping up with them becomes a dizzying effort. Obviously, his recent actions on the behalf of illegal immigrants from Mexico have raised concern among detractors, not only as blatant pandering to Latinos, but as a device by which he will secure millions of illegitimate votes in November.

In the weeks immediately prior, Obama’s announcement in support of homosexual “marriage” set cyberspace ablaze; again, not only due to the pandering, but because critically thinking individuals know full well that any institutional endorsement of these unions will open the door to recognizing all manner of perverse unions as “marriage.”

Inasmuch as subverting the paradigm has been Obama’s overall objective in a variety of areas, none of this should be a surprise.

Take the economy, for example. Obama and his colleagues had been working on the economic implosion (the one that began in late 2008) for some time, employing the Cloward-Piven strategy through the Community Reinvestment Act to overload the mortgage banking system. This variant of Cloward-Piven’s original model, which was to create a terminal burden on the economy through entitlement programs, did ultimately succeed.

The spirit of diversification within this evil cabal remains strong. As the regular reader of this space will recall, last week I introduced Mark Ndesandjo, President Obama’s half-brother. Ndesandjo runs a prominent Internet company in the People’s Republic of China. Publicly, Obama’s relationship with his half-brother is on a par with his relationship to domestic terrorist-turned respected university professor Bill Ayers; this means that Obama claims not much of an association at all, indicating that there very well might be one.

Illicit political associations between Democratic administrations and communist China is nothing new; Bill Clinton saw to that when his administration authorized the sale of prohibited computer technology to China, among other things.

While Obama has ideologues and the anesthetized railing against corporate greed, those who recognize the difference between free markets and crony capitalism see two siblings blaming each other for the broken vase, thus obfuscating the shared responsibility for its destruction. Obama and his “fat-cat bankers” have done likewise regarding devastation across the economic landscape. Both are ideologically kindred – the latter simply infiltrated the banking community in much the same way socialists infiltrated government, the press and education.

There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by the sword. The other is by debt.

– John Adams

On June 12, Reuters reported that investment giant Goldman Sachs’ new Asia Pacific office would be based in Beijing, the first global investment bank to place its regional headquarters in China’s capital. A year ago, General Electric, the world’s manufacturer of medical-imaging machines, moved the headquarters of its 115-year-old X-ray business to Beijing.

As we are aware, Obama’s nepotistic and incestuous relationships with these two companies have created a government-industrial-media juggernaut that remains unknown to much of the U.S. electorate. His compulsion for driving up the U.S. debt while China holds most of it certainly does lend credence to accusations of his “selling us out to China.” While stories such as Obama granting eminent-domain rights to China as collateral for U.S. debt have supposedly been debunked, China’s communist status as a major shareholder in all of China’s business interests remains a reality.

Obama has taken other, more overtly compromising steps, most notably in May of 2011, when he allowed a Chinese general and more than two dozen military aides to visit various U.S. military installations in violation of the 2000 Defense Authorization Act (which prohibits foreign military from visiting military bases containing advanced military technology). Some observers likened this to a real estate agent showing a home.

As Obama attempts to gain political points by accusing presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney of dissecting and parting out failing companies during his days as a venture capitalist, this is precisely what Obama is doing with America.

So where within all of this intrigue would Mark Ndesandjo fit in? Bill Ayers certainly still fits in, despite claims to the contrary on the part of Obama and Ayers themselves. (This can be verified through White House visitor records and Ayers’ trips abroad as Obama’s unofficial representative.) Might Ndesandjo, as someone who does business with the Chinese routinely, be some sort of go-between? Would this even be necessary?

It very well might be. Though not Chinese, having established roots in China – including familial ones – Ndesandjo would have more status than the average expatriate entrepreneur. Add to this the little-known fact that the Chinese at large have about as much respect for Obama as I do. Despite Obama’s identification with all things communist, he probably understands the Chinese less than he understands Americans. In China, Obama is regarded as a fop and a fool. They respect loyalty and strength in American presidents, even if such comportment goes against their government’s policy. The Chinese are certainly not stupid, and they have his number, right down to the overdeveloped sense of self-grandeur ironically coupled with gross political ineptitude.

Let’s face it: Were it not for the complicity of the American media, Americans would have recognized Obama for the cheap street hustler he is. That’s the way the Chinese view him, as do many of the nations he reckoned would fall at his feet back in 2009. Believe it or not, this two-edged sword may ultimately work in Americans’ favor.

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