Thanks for the very excellent column, “Eligibility issue and media hysteria.”

Some additional factors that can be at play include the following:

  • The propensity of individuals to yield to social pressure. (See Solomon Asch’s research on social pressure.)

  • The failure of individuals to think for themselves and to do necessary research (the tendency to place trust in others including the press and elected and appointed officials).
  • The preference to remain in a state of denial, particularly on the part of members of the bar and the judiciary and government officials, recognizing that if one acknowledges the facts and then does not act on that knowledge, one may be guilty of misprision of a felony (“concealing another’s felony from law enforcement officers”) and of abrogating one’s obligation to uphold the law.
  • The difficulty in entertaining the possibility that a fraud of such incredible magnitude has been carried out, could be carried out or could have been perpetrated.
  • Fear of vilification, reprisals, loss of livelihood, loss of reputation for even raising questions.
  • Absence of courage and/or a failure to recognize and value the truth.

Thanks again for all that you are doing. I think that Jerry Corsi’s efforts and interview with Gov. Paterson, your efforts, Lord Monckton’s efforts, Mike Zullo’s and Sheriff Arpaio’s efforts and Donald Trump’s statements may well be bringing us to a tipping point when it comes to eligibility questions.


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