Hear, hear! Sen. Rand Paul wants to stop the droning of America. He’s introduced a bill to “require the government to get a warrant before using aerial drones to surveil U.S. citizens.”

Government drones are the “writs of assistance” of former colonial times. One of the chief causes of the American Revolution was the imposition of British writs of assistance upon the colonists. These writs, issued by the king, gave customs officials a permanent and transferable right to to search any place, public or private, at the caprice of the writ holder. Nor were searchers held to account for any damage they caused. These writs, which expired only at the death of the monarch, infuriated the American colonists and stoked hatred for their British overseers.

Now substitute “government drones” for writs of assistance, permanently searching and surveilling American citizens suspected of no wrongdoing. These days, drones can carry technology aloft that minutely inspects and records outside areas, and sees through exterior walls and around corners. They can be equipped to listen to and record conversations inside a dwelling and take a visual inventory of people and things within.

Did America fight the British tyrant kings, barbaric German Nazis and dedicated foreign terrorists in order to adopt the trappings of a fascist Nazi regime? Did it defeat what Ronald Reagan termed the “Evil Empire” in order to become a Soviet-styled police state? There is no such thing as privacy in totalitarian states. Dictatorship demands that lives, thoughts and actions be open books for arbitrary review and inspection. Suppression of freedom and dissent requires getting rid of privacy and, importantly, the concept of privacy itself. Think George Orwell’s “1984.”

While there are plenty of autocrats, stooges, and cowards in Washington, D.C., there seem to be only a few fearless freedom fighters like Sen. Rand Paul. He’s the same courageous politician who wants to abolish Club Pervert, aka the TSA.

America needs her heroes to rescue the republic, which was founded on the concept of natural rights, from those who despise freedom. Thanks to beacons of truth like WND, we know who they are.

Allan Goldberg

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