Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., strongly disagrees with Thursday’s Supreme Court
decision that upholds most of the Obama health-care law.

“Just because you can tax doesn’t mean you can have any tax to do any purpose,” Paul told WND.

But the man who closely identified himself with the tea party movement says this
ruling will create a resurgence among the grassroots movement that will
carry on through the November elections.

“The battle starts today … you’ll see the conservative base rally in opposition to this,” said Paul.

Paul says this will be a huge campaign issue and Mitt Romney will have options to roll back the plan
– either with a cooperative Congress or through executive orders.

But Paul warns that if Obama is re-elected we will be headed down a
troubling path toward health care rationing, long lines and worse.  He
also fears Obama is preparing to go after domestic energy the way he went
after the private insurance industry.

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