In your column, you state: “Maybe this is a losing battle, but I know I will go to the grave 
with a clear conscience and the knowledge that I fought the good fight for truth and justice. For now, that’s enough for me.” 

This has become enough for me too, Joseph. 

I read everything you send to my in-box! 
I cut and paste and share from WND on a daily basis, and I have had the 
delirious pleasure of seeing fresh material coming back at me in group mailings 
from some of those with whom I shared.

More and more people are 
turning to WND for the “real” news, for the truth. We are sharing what you 
and your staff make available to us as tools. More and more we are coming 
to understand the times we live in and what we must do. Thank you. 

We need you. We thank God for you. We are so grateful for WND.


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