With his stunning victory in the Wisconsin recall battle, Gov. Scott Walker has established himself as a bona fide national hero to conservatives, and as a model for labor, tax and spending reforms.

The governor proved that austerity does work, provided one has the political courage to make tough decisions and hold firm.

Most impressively, Walked showed the way for other states to reform the bargaining powers of public-sector employee unions so as to bring labor costs more in line with employees in private businesses.

Thanks to Walker, people now know that powerful economic reforms, including reigning in runaway labor costs, can deliver outstanding economic results in a short period of time.

Meanwhile, GOP nominee Mitt Romney continues his search for a running mate who can help send Barack Obama into early retirement.

After his victory on June 5, who would argue against Walker’s name being tossed in the hat for consideration as VP?

Why not a Mitt Romney-Scott Walker ticket and, hopefully, a new administration?

John W. Lillpop

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